Using Sub domains with Advanced iFrame

By default you can not execute Javascript on different domains because of browser cross domain security restrictions. Advanced iFrame does use Javascript a lot for features like auto height. As solution advanced iframe has the external workaround which enables most of the local features also on the remote page.

If your iframe is on a sub domain also an easier way is possible. You still have to include one line of Javascript but the whole configuration is than like you are on the same domain and all settings can be done by shortcode.

To enable this you need to set the value “document.domain” to your main domain with Javascript. The plugin does set this value on the parent (from version 7.0.2 on) if you enable this in the administration. You can also set this manually as this version is not released yet.

If your iframe is on and your WordPress site is on you have to add


anywhere to the source code of your page of the iframe. On the parent page the plugin already does this for you.

After you have done this you can configure Advanced iFrame like you are on the same domain.

See for the documentation of this setting.

See example 42 where this way is used. Example 6 shows the same example with the “old” external workaround.

Have fun using Advanced iFrame,

Advanced iFrame pro 7.0 is online


Advanced iframe pro 7.0 is now available on CodeCanyon.

The main features are:

For all new features please check:

There are 27 new features and 4 fixes in this release!

Best, Michael

Advanded iframe pro 7.0 looking for testers


I finally implemented all the features I have planned for the next major version.

Advanced iframe pro 7.0 is almost ready to be released. I’m looking for some testers who would like to get the cool new features before everyone else.
The new features already run on the demos now for a couple of weeks and they look really cool for me

The main features are:

  • The show iframe as layer feature has now a fullscreen mode with custom header and footer!
  • Scrolling on ipad and iphone is supported!
  • Show only a port of an iframe support now zoom.

For all new features please check:

there are 27 new features and 4 fixes in this release!

If you are a pro user please contact me through codecanyon to get this version first.

Best, Michael

Advanced iframe pro 6.5.3 is available


A few small fixes are available for advanced iframe pro:


  • Fix: https iframe on https did show an error message which is wrong. Now the message only is shown if http pages are included to https pages.


  • Fix: WordPress updates where not shown because of a missing return value. Now only the ones for advanced iframe are blocked as it should be.


  • New: WordPress 4.2.4 is supported
  • Fix: An anonymous function was used which is supported since php 5.3. But older php versions failed in the administration. Now the “old” way is used and the plugin is now compatible with older php versions again.

Get the latest version on codecanyon.
If you want to support ipad and iphone please read the last post. The next version of advanced iframe pro should be the default version for everyone as is you use iframes you also nee to support ipad and iphones!

Best, Michael

Advanced iFrame Pro 6.5 is available

This release has many, many improvements of existing features and a improved administration!

The main new improvements are:

  • Administration with tabs, editor button, improved help and detection of wrong configurations
  • Browser detection uses much less memory and support additional devices
  • 15 new features and 8 fixes are part of this release.
  • Soon the free version will also get the improved administration also!

A full list is available on the history page.

Get this version from codecanyon.

Planned for the next version:

  • Scrolling of iframes with ipad and iphone
  • Additional header sections for the “show the iframe as layer”
  • Tutorial videos ;).

Have fun using Advanced iFrame Pro,

Advanced iFrame Pro 6.4 is available

One of the biggest releases of Advanced iFrame Pro is now available.

29 new enhancements and 6 bug fixes made it to this release.

The main new features are:

  • Open external links directly in an iframe popup (demo).
  • The iframe url can be returned back to parent and added to the url (demo).
  • All attributes from the user info and the user meta are available as replace parameters
  • Extract parts from the parent url and adds it to the iframe url.
  • The usage of the administration has been aproved a lot.

A full list is available on the history page.

Get this version from codecanyon.

Have fun using Advanced iFrame Pro,


TWG 2.3.1 is available

TWG 2.3.1 adds a small number of improvements and does fix a bug at upload. So everyone should update to this version to fix the upload!

  • New: In mobile mode the login is now a seperate switch: $twg_mobile_show_login
  • New: $twg_mobile_paging_num and $twg_mobile_paging_steps are now available.
  • Fix: $generate_cache_at_upload was brocken because of a new function I added in the gallery but not in the upload. Now the upload works fine again.
  • Fix: A global private file is now centered on top.
  • Fix $enable_mobile_detection was not used for the new browser detection.

Get the new version and the patch on the normal download page.

Have fun using TWG,