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Error message saying update even though plugin is updated

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Hi there,


Our website is currently not loading correctly, I have updated all the plugins and am still seeing the following error message "You are using a version of advanced iframe which does not work properly with Wordpress >= 6.2. Please update to the latest version." See attached for reference.


I am wondering if there is anyone who can assist with this and if this issue is what is causing our site to not load correctly.


Here is the link to our site as it currently is -

Here is a link to what the site should look like -


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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can you close the message and check if it appears again? Maybe the update check could simply not be done properly. The message was added because wp updated the gutenberg editor with a breaking change.
No issues with even older versions in the normal site are known.

I only see an error message on your page that jquery is not loaded. I would start disabling one plugin after another until you get your page back.

Best regards,


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Hi Michael,


Thanks for getting back to me so promptly and your advice was spot on - should have started with that but for some reason I have had so much trouble with the site and the plugins. At first I couldn't even update the plugins.


Turns out it was the W3 Total Cache plugin that was causing the issue.


Thank you again, greatly appreciated!