Advanced iframe pro 2023.2 is available

Advanced iframe 2023.2 was released and a new cool feature was added – real fullscreen! Now not only all other elements are removed. Also the whole browser window is removed like known from videos or when you press F11! See a working demo here: See the history for all changes here: Advanced iFrame history … [Read more…]

Advanced iframe pro 2020.10 is available

The last release of this year. The most important things are: 2020.10: Fix of the iframe_redirect_url feature. An additional domain check was too strict. Now if works like expected A new warning for document.domain was added because some websites have problems when this is set. 2020.9: Hide URL in HTML. Support of the SameSite settings. … [Read more…]

TWG 2.4.4 is available

Hi, The registered version has a really nice new feature: Support for the masonary thumbnail style. See Resize the browser to see how this effect looks like :). Also new: New: Full support of php 7 of the flash uploader New: No backup of the counter is made anymore after introducing flock. Fix: counter.txt … [Read more…]

Advanced iFrame pro 7.0 is online

Hi, Advanced iframe pro 7.0 is now available on CodeCanyon. The main features are: The show iframe as layer feature has now a fullscreen mode with custom header and footer! Scrolling on ipad and iphone is supported! Show only a port of an iframe support now zoom. For all new features please check: There … [Read more…]

Advanced iFrame Pro 6.5 is available

This release has many, many improvements of existing features and a improved administration! The main new improvements are: Administration with tabs, editor button, improved help and detection of wrong configurations Browser detection uses much less memory and support additional devices 15 new features and 8 fixes are part of this release. Soon the free version … [Read more…]

Advanced iframe pro 5.9 with lazy loading is available

Hi, Advanced iframe pro version 5.9 is now on codecanyon This is the new pro stuff: New: Lazy load of iframes with treshold and fadein. Iframes can be loaded after the parent is done or the iframe is shown in the viewport! (Pro) New: Better input validation. Avoids configuration errors. New: WordPress 3.9.1 is … [Read more…]