Advanced iframe 2019.4 is available now

Hi, I always wait a little bit until I do a post of such a mayor new release. Thanks also to Eva which where testing all features on chrome, Firefox and IE11! The main new features are: iframe anchor support! The main page does now scroll to the anchor in the iframe! Full Gutenberg support … [Read more…]

Advanced iframe resize to content summary

One of the most asked questions is how to resize the iframe to the content of the external page. It is sometimes confusing which of the features you have to use to achieve this. There is only a solution possible for the same domain and for an external domain using the external workaround wher eyou … [Read more…]

Demo for external resizer scripts is available

Advanced iframe pro does also support existing resizer scripts that do send the height of the iframe to the parent. As an enhanced example I have added a demo of the iframe sizer script of The demo does initialize the external script and also converts the data received to the internal data structure. You … [Read more…]

TWG 2.4.6 is available

TWG 2.4.6 is available which does improve to use TWG GDPR compliant. The following changes are available: You can add a dataprotection link at the footer with $privacy_policy_url The ip was removed from the _twg.log. If you want the ip from a correct/wrong login you have to combine this info with your hosters logs. I … [Read more…]

Advanced iframe pro 7.5.7

I released 3 small updates in the last 1.5 months because of nice features I added for users. Please check For the improvements I added to this plugin. Please ask in the forum if it is not clear what the feature does! Best, Michael is now GDPR compliant

Hi, From today on is GDPR compliant. I checked all external services and disabled google analytics and Google adsense for now. I replaced the facebook like button with a direct link. All old ip addresses from the WordPress installation and the forum are deleted! All external libraries from a cdn are downloaded and are … [Read more…]

Advanced iframe pro 7.5.4 is available

Hi, This version optimizes the usage of this plugin. The most important changes are: The security key is now optional. The free version has changed the view limit. Now only a small text is shown and not the whole plugin is disabled. Documentation was improved at several points. All Javascript does not give any errors … [Read more…]

TWG 2.4.5 is available

Hi, TWG 2.4.5 it is now fully php 7.2 compatible. Also a problem in in browser detection for IE was fixed. Please upgrade to this version because otherwise for IE the html 5 uploader is not working. Get the latest version or the patch here: Have fun using TWG, Michael