Advanced iFrame features availability overview

The feature comparison chart shows all features which are available in the different versions. This feature availability chat is a simple overview which only does compare the main features which are NOT available on any setup. The focus is on the features most users ask for and is NOT complete.

The demos for main features which are available in the table below are shown here.

Features Same domain External domain / sub domain where you have access and you can use the external workaround* External domain where you DON'T have access to
Auto height (free + pro) check check -
Modify css of the iframe (pro) check check -
Responsive iframes (pro) check check -
Resize on element resize (pro) check check -
Change link targets (pro) check check -
Auto Zoom (pro) check check Fixed ratio only
Add iframe url as parameter (pro) check check -

* For the external workaround you need to include one line of Javascript to your external page.
Auto height (same and external domain) and modify css of the iframe on the same domain can be tested in the free version!

If you want to show https pages in http you need to switch to post communication which is only available in the pro version.

The demos for main features which are available on any setup are shown here.