Advanced iframe pro 2020.10 is available

The last release of this year.

The most important things are:


  • Fix of the iframe_redirect_url feature. An additional domain check was too strict. Now if works like expected
  • A new warning for document.domain was added because some websites have problems when this is set.


  • Hide URL in HTML.
  • Support of the SameSite settings. In 2021 I plan to dynamically fix wrong cookies… Lets see if this works…
  • All demos and features do now work for http and https at the same time if needed.
  • You can now enter your purchase code of codecanyon to verify you are a paying customer.
  • In total 9 new features/improvements and 6 bugfixes…

See the history for all changes here:

Get the new version at codecanyon.

Have fun using advanced iframe pro,