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Web gallery Download Version 2.5 - 15.03.2023

Advantages/disadvantages of the installer version:
  • + You only have to upload 3 files to the webspace (much faster then the normal way).
  • + A pre installation check of the system is done before the installation!
  • + Automatic creation of the cache folders with the needed rights.
  • - If you have safe mode restrictions on your server you can upload/manage files only with the TWGXplorer and not with FTP anymore. If you have safe mode restrictions I recommend to use the zip version. The installer does detect this during installation!

TWG can be used for free for private and commercial use as long as the "powered by TinyWebGallery" logo at the bottom of the gallery is not removed. You can register TWG for free (powered by trialpay) or a fee of 19 € incl. tax that allows you to use TWG without the back link, the "powered by TinyWebGallery" and the ad's in the backend. If you register you get some bonus features that are always listed on the registration page and the unlimited version of the TWG Flash Uploader! Please click here to register.

Please not that you maybe have to get a seperate license for commercial sites if you use the html5 uploader plupload.

The watermark on the images is only for demonstration and can be removed or modified in the config or the TWG Admin without registration.
If you want to know what has changed since the last release please check the history.

If the web gallery download has a size of 0 kb please check if you have a Norton Firewall running - Some users told me that they had to disable the firewall to get the download working! If the download still not works you can download TWG here.

Web gallery additional downloads Additional web gallery downloads (Patch / Language files / Icons / Skins / Addons)

Since TWG 1.8 optional files like additional language files, skins, icon sets or addons are not included in the main download anymore. Please download the files you want to use and install them like described on the download pages:

Web gallery requirements Requirements

To use the complete functionallity of the web gallery you have to have php > 4.3.0 and gdlib > 2.0.1. For the TWG Flash uploader you have to have Flash > 8 installed. You don't need a database! You get more information about your server after the install by calling info.php.

Web gallery update Update TWG

If you are running TWG >= 1.6 you can use the patch file below. This file works for all versions (1.6.x - 2.5.x). Simply overwrite all files of your installation! Settings stored in my_config.php and my_style.css will not be touched! Make a backup of the skins folder if you have made any changes there! In version 1.8 a lot of images where removed because TWG is using sprites now. In Version 1.8.8 a couple of files have been optimized as well. For a clean system I recommend to make a new installation.

Download patch TWG_1.6.x_to_2.5_patch.zip

Update Instructions:

  1. Download the file above and extract it to a local directory.
  2. Make sure you have done your settings by the TWG administration or directly in my_config.php. config.php will be overwritten!
  3. Overwrite all files of your current TWG installation.
  4. Please update the language files for the administration for fr, da, nl if you update from a version bevor 2.0 because of new translations.
  5. Please note: The css files except my_style.css in the main directory are not used anymore since 1.8.7. They have been moved to the css folder! Please also read the updated howto about optimizing TWG.

If you are upgrading from an older version than 1.6 or want more information if you like a backup first please read how-to 23.

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