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Images not loading properly on mobile devices

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Hello,  BeBallPlayers

I am using TinyWebGallery version 2.4.8 on my website and I have encountered a problem with the images not loading properly on mobile devices. The images are either too small, too large or cropped in a weird way. This happens on both portrait and landscape modes. I have tried different settings for the responsive mode, the thumbnail size, and the image quality, but nothing seems to work. I have also cleared the cache and updated the browser, but the problem persists. 

I would appreciate it if you could help me fix this problem or suggest a workaround. Thanks in advance!

Best regards,





Posted : 04/03/2024 8:29 am
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Can you please update to the latest version.

2.4.8 is already really old and does even not work properly on older php versions.

Also it would be helpful if you provide a link so I can also check.


Best regards, Michael

Posted : 24/03/2024 6:39 pm