Free iframe checker v3.0

This little app checks if the page you want to include can be included into an iframe. The check is valid for the free AND the pro version!

Please note that http pages cannot be included into https pages anymore directly. See the blog here.

It downloads the headers of the page and checks the X_Frame-Options  and the CSP header for frame-ancestors if it can be included in an iframe. Also, you may check pages if they can be included to an iframe by inserting a link to the form below.

A running frame killer script means that if you include the page into an iframe it automatically shows itself outside the iframe. See
for details.

Please don't ask for any support to break any frame killer script because this is not legal in my opinion! Therefore I will also not include any iframe killer breaker into advanced iframe!

V2.0 does now follow redirects and does provide much more details about the result. v2.0 is now also directly included into the plugin!
V3.0 does now check the CSP header also.