Advanced iFrame

The advanced iframe (pro) is the most advanced  iframe plugin for WordPress and also available as a standalone version.

So why using this iframe plugin? There are many wrappers around but they all only do an include with no interaction with the main page and include the iframe like the original which most of the time leads to a result that is o.k. but not perfect.

So this are the features already available in the free version of the advanced iframe that are unique:

  • Hide areas of the parent to give the iframe more space
  • Show only specific areas of the iframe when the iframe is on a same domain (The Pro version supports this on different domains) or include parts directly by jQueryModify css styles in the parent and the iframe to e.g. change the width of the content area
  • Forward parameters to the iframe Resize the iframe to the content height or width on loading, AJAX or click
  • Scroll the parent to the top when the iframe is loaded
  • Hide the content until it is fully loaded
  • Add a css and js file to the parent page
  • Security code: You can only insert the shortcode with a valid security code from the administration.
  • Many additional cool features are available the pro version – see and in an overview on codecanyon like:
    • Show only specifiy areas of the iframe
    • Zoom iframe content
    • Modify css styles
    • Lazy load
    • Loading indicator
    • Responsive iframes/videos
    • Browser detection
    • Change link targets and show iframes as layer with header/footer
    • Scrolling on ipad and iphone


Please check the quickstart guide first! There you find out which features are available for you! E.g. to resize the content to the height or modify css of a remote iframe YOU NEED TO ADD ONE LINE OF JAVASCRIPT TO THE REMOTE PAGE! Also you can not include HTTP pages into HTTPS pages!

There are over 50 examples for the free and the pro version available. Many of the examples show more than one feature.

  • The demo for the free version shows most of the unique features of the free version.
  • For the pro version many different examples do exist. Please check the overview page first and look at the features you like to use.

You should also take a look at the features availability overview. There you find the features which are NOT available on every setup!

On the FAQ page I added questions which where asked a lot by the users.

The free iframe checker is now included in the plugin. But on the website is a 2nd step where you can load your page into an iframe. So this is the real truth if a iframe can be included.

I also offer paid support. Including a website in an optimal way is no simple task and is normally done by a web developer. If you don’t have the time to configure the plugin by yourself or if you need additional features please contact me.


Advanced iFrame free:

Advanced iFrame Pro is available on codecanyon and hat tons of unique additional features:

The version for TWG  is available here:

This is are the features the TWG wrapper has on top of the free version:

  • Include the css for the lytebox automatically
  • Set an optimized TWG skin
  • Widget for a random image with shadow and slideshow
  • Direct link to the TWG administration with automatic login

If you have any questions please use the forum.