TinyWebGallery free image gallery feature list

Logo for general functions General functions

  • Everything you expect from a web gallery!
  • AJAX navigation with cmotion gallery
  • Automatic generation of thumbnails and web images
  • No database needed - everything is stored in xml files
  • Simple adding of images by uploading folders (or images into existing folders)
  • Completly configurable - design with css; behavoiur with config file - every feature can be enabled/disabled!
  • 4 different navigations (Simple, HTML, AJAX, Flash)
  • Keyboard navigation (prev/next with arrow keys - try the demo!)
  • Can be integrated in an existing website (with php include) or as standalone application.
    Html header/footer/overview .htm can be specified.
  • Tested with Internet Explorer 6-11, Mozilla Firefox 1.5+, Opera 7+, Chrome and Safari
  • Multilangual (29 languages right now) - Detection of the browser language as default.
    New languages can be added easily (see configuration)
  • Self registration (new 1.7)
  • Responsive mode

Logo for image functions Image functions

  • You can enter and administrate captions and comments
  • Comments only for registered users and/or tracking of the IP (new 1.7)
  • Support for Tags
  • Direct support for jpg, png and gif - all other formats can be integrated too!
  • Rotation of images (permanent after login)
  • Autorotation of images with exif data (new 1.7)
  • 3 different slideshow types.
  • Full exif and IPTC support
  • Watermark with image and/or text.
  • E-mail notification for comments, rating and registered users
  • AJAX based fullscreen mode
  • Pictures can be included from an external HTTP-Server
  • Support for transparent GIFs and PNGs
  • Rating with captcha image
  • TopX for comments/views/rating/downloads
  • Cmotion gallery with 3, 5, 7 or 9 thumbnails
  • Exended file infos with Exif and IPTC data
  • Download and views counter
  • Sorting by name and date (exif data if available)
  • Random image (even from plain html pages!) from different directories
  • TopX image (even from plain html pages!) (new 1.7)
  • Smilies for captions and comments.
  • Filenames are uses as titles if they don't look like generated camera names (e. g. DSC-01234.jpg).
  • Clipped images
  • Optimized caching of generated images
  • Search for captions, comments, tags, file name, last uploaded images
  • ...

Logo for folder functions Folder functions

  • Unlimited categories an subcategories
  • Password protected galleries (global and individual)
  • Enhanced directory naming and description
  • Directory sorting by name and date
  • Download of whole directories
  • 3 different dynamic effects on the main page!
  • Mark new galleries with an image automatically
  • Search for folder names
  • Dynamic background images - resizes to the resolution of the browser!
  • Individual style sheets and settings
  • Random folder image (and random colage)
  • TopX folder image (new 1.7)
  • ...

Logo for video support Video support

  • Embeded video support- See howto 34 how to set this up!
  • HTML5 video support
  • Support for mp3 with integrated player
  • Support for avi, mpg ... with windows media player
  • Autodetection of local videos (new 1.7)
  • Support for ffmpeg to generate thumbnails directly from the video! (new 1.7)
  • Generate thumbnail from videos during upload. (new 1.7)
  • Conversion of videos to flv during upload possible. (new 1.7)
  • Integrated Divx-Player
  • Integrated FLV-Player (with fullscreen mode)
  • Integration of all flash players like youtube.com, myvideo.de, www.clipfish.de, video.google.com ...
  • Support for web streams
  • Support for QuickTime
  • Mixed folder with images + video
  • Eolas patch for all active elements

Logo for backend functions Backend functions

  • TWG Flash uploader - Upload files very comfortable! - It is available as an extra package too!
  • TWGXplorer - full file explorer to manage your files
  • Configuration of all important settings
  • Managing of the TWG caches
  • Extended info panel
  • Admin e-mail
  • Color manager to create the stylesheet for the gallery
  • Usermanagement where you can create users, give rights to folders and set different right levels for each user. You can allow users to upload files with the TWG Flash Uploader to specific folders wihout the need to go to the administration
  • Available in 6 languages
  • File Split Applet to upload files that are bigger than the upload limit
  • ...

Logo for extras Extras

  • Low bandwith mode with integrated speed test.
  • Optimzation with turned off Javascript
  • Integrated counter with graphical history
  • Full support of PHP 4.3 - 7
  • Autodetection of browser size and adjusting the gallery optimal in several ways.
  • Internal caching of directory, image listings ...
  • Support of image magick (new 1.7)
  • 1 day caching to optimize speed!
  • Precaching of TopX and almost everything else! (new 1.7)
  • W3C conform.
  • Completely UTF-8 (new 1.6)
  • Support for Nintendo Wii
  • and lots of other nice features...


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