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It's now possible to advertise directly on Please note that only limited slots are available.

 Why Advertise here receives up to 300,000 pages views per day and over 260,000 unique visitors per month:

  • It is the home of advanced iframe which is the most powerfull and most downloaded iframe plugin for wordpress: with over 1.5 mio downloads (30.11.2022). Also available as a pro version on codecanyon. has all the demos, FAQ, forums available.
  • TWG is still one of the most powerfull web galleries you can find in the internet right now.
Both products together makes this site a perfect platform to ensure your company is exposed to the correct, targeted audience for your products and services.

Most importantly, many of our first time visitors return again because all the documentation and demos are located on this website. This means that your ad will receive a high repeat viewing rate.

 Advertise on TWG

The following image shows the different areas that are available.

TWG logo
Right upper banner





Below content

Please select the area you want to advertise. The following packages are available:

Below navigation, below content and right area advertising rates. Each area has a limited number of links:

Text link (width max 140)
min booking time: 6 months
25 € / month
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The right upper banner is only available 1 time:

Banner (234 x 60) - or link block in this size
min booking time: 2 months
50 € / month
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A discount 10 % is available if you book a package for more than 6 months! Also 10% are available if you book more than 1 link.

If you want to pay with the bitcoin wallet app or any other crypto coins apps for the ads please let me know!

 Advertise on each TWG install!

It's now possible to include a text link TWG installation. It will be visible in each existing or new TWG installation on the overview page at the bottom (instead the random image like in the demo). It will be visible until the gallery is registered or the user does remove the default overview.htm from the installation. Search by Google for "powered by TinyWebGallery" OR "powered by TWG" for existing installations and you get ~ 94.000 hits on google. Click here to get the current value.

You can a text links with a maximum width of 250 pixel.

Download Package 1 Download Package 2 Download Package 3
1 Month 2 Months 3 Months
99 € 179 € (10% Discount) 239 € (20% Discount)
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Please contact me if this way of advertisement is available right now!


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