TinyWebGallery Demos

You can choose between 3 demos of TWG - They use all the same code and have only a different configuration and different styles.

The password for the protected folders of the demos is 'test'.

Web galerie ajax demo Demo AJAX
  • AJAX and Flash navigation is active (check different folders) - No reload on the detail page where you view your images - everything is loaded in the background
  • All features of TWG are enabled
  • Thumbnail page autodetect max. number of thumbs
  • Cropped thumbs are used
  • Bonus features for registered users (lightbox, album explorer and TWG responsive) are enabled
  • All examples can be downloaded and used as template!
  • Opens in a new window
  • Frontend edit in the album "USA 2005" is enabled! To login use user/password test/test. Then you are able to enter/edit captions and tags, delete comments and rotate images permanent. You will get new menu items after you log in.

Web galerie html demo Demo HTML
  • HTML Navigation is set
  • left.htm, header.htm and footer.htm are used!
  • Many features of TWG are disabled - only Search and Options are in the menu
  • Thumbnail page has a fixed number of images
  • Full thumbs are shown
  • Opens in an iframe with 700px height - not in new window

Web galerie html side demo Demo HTML SIDE
  • HTML SIDE Navigation is set - The thumbs are displayed left and right of the detail image
  • Some features of TWG are disabled
  • Cropped thumbs are shown
  • Admin skin is used
  • Opens in a new window

There is also a demo on http://www.opensourcecms.com where you can see the version in the download and you also can try the administration!


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