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If you contact me by e-mail please make sure that you have read the settings of the config, checked the howto's and the forum. You can use the search on the main page and the forum if you are looking for a special topic. Questions like how to change the sorting is quite easy to solve this way ;). But if you don't get the answer to your question feel free to contact me.



I have written the gallery because I haven't found anything in the big www that I liked. If you want to use the TinyWebGallery - have fun.
If you want to send me some feedback, you have a great idea or you have found a bug - please let me know.



Many thanks to Jordan Michael who allowed me to use his icon set on the TinyWebGallery web page. Please visit his site if you are looking for a designer or other cool icon sets.

The private.png icon is part of the "Basic Set 2" from


Many thanks to Rainer Hungershausen (Code) und Mogh (Gfx), who supported me with some code from their own gallery.


Thanks to Marco who is providing the webspace for TinyWebGallery for free. Many thanks for this.

This was perfect timing because funpic deleted TinyWebGallery without any notice because they say the pictures from domai are porn. I don't think so and therefore I wouldn't recommend funpic anymore because of their "rules" and that they added ad's without any notice a couple of months ago!


PHPEdit (, which I used with the Personal Licence.

TWG Flash Uploader

The TWG Flash Uploader is based on a Flash of Nick Weschkalnies. Thank you very much.

Color Manager

I found two different color picker scripts and using some of their Javscript in my Color Manager now. Thanks to:

  • The man in blue where I got the idea for the color picker. I hav rewritten almost everything but still use some of the javascripts in there (available at
  • The basic color table was found on by Christine Kühnel - Thanks for this nice script


Many thanks to the many translators of TWG and TFU. Without you this project would have never been that big and successful.

  • Alex Carriere
  • Alex Smersi
  • Antti Kuukka
  • baijianpeng
  • Bernat Garrigós
  • Cristina van Wijlen
  • Damaris Siramand
  • Dan LaMelice
  • Daniel Dumalin
  • Ericho
  • Frederico Grasso
  • Guilaume Latorre
  • Hans Olandersson
  • Helmut Oberdies
  • Henk Dronkert
  • Hercilio Costa
  • Ina
  • Jens Henrik
  • John Kambiselis
  • Krki
  • Magnus
  • Marcin Bara
  • Marko Punnar
  • Martin Papula
  • Martin Sereday
  • Mattijs van der Aa
  • Michel Mendes
  • Michiel Sweere
  • Mikaela Jonsson
  • Nevian
  • Pedra Junior Ashidani
  • Pozi
  • Raúl M. Malpica
  • Reto Allemann
  • Roman Korcek
  • Serge Yuriev
  • Sergio Lerena
  • Sophana Kok
  • Stig Vinten-Johansen
  • Thomas H. Edvardsen
  • Tomas Palmquist
  • Valery Romanov
  • VitYa
  • Witek
  • Xiao Ren
  • Pomahob
  • CoCI
  • Rainer Kuck
  • Justin Xiang
  • Luca Ferrario
  • Stanislav Kneifl
  • Rogers Richard
  • Sergey Grey Novikov
  • Teodor Todorov
  • Housam
  • Choicky Chou
  • Ronald Verdonk
  • ...

I only update this list once in a while. So if you are missing on the list and you would like to added please let me know.


TinyWebGallery is provided "as is" and without any warranty. Any express or implied warranties, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose are disclaimed. In no event shall the authors be liable to any party for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, exemplary, or consequential damages arising in any way out of the use or misuse of this package.


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