Small changes are always in the version.txt of your download. If the changes are not important enough for a new release I will only add a build number e.g. 1.9 -> 1.9.1

2.3 - 02.01.2015
New: A couple new switches if a tablet is detected do exist now. See the internal_confif.php -> $twg_tablet_*
New: background images that a cached in the cache folder are removed once a day or if you delete the session cache because changing a back.png was really hard as you need to delete all cache images that belongs to the image.
New: Comments can only be entered when the page is inside an iframe. So direct entries through e.g. a bot doe not work anymore.
Fix: removed the "magic quotes GPC" check in the info as it is depricated and was removed in PHP 5.4
Fix: Pagination was reworked in 2.2 but failed for the default way. You should update to this version to get the correct pagination back!
Fix: Error "_folder_top.tmp.png' could not loaded properly." is now fixed. Was caused when image magic was used together with autocreation of folder.png files.
Fix: Undefined variable: twg_offset_
Fix: Undefined variable: my_offset_js
Fix: Removed folders caused an error messag in the log. This case is now detected.
Fix: html5 videos had some extra spaces which leads to a scrollbar on some systems.

2.2 - 21.09.2014
New: TWG goes responsive. Main, thumbnail and detailpages are responsive now. See the new howto 57 how to use this. This feature is available for registered users.
New: Support for HTML5 videos! See the updated howto 34.
New: Sorting mixed folders does now ignore v___. So sorting is not needed anymore only because of the video prefix.
New: New html mode selector images.
New: You can now set $use_manual_port if you are behind a proxy with a different port.
New: Additional media queries where added to improve support for mobile devices.
New: Optimization for ipad and iphone in horizontal mode.
New: Album and folder description use the dotdotdot jQuery plugin which cuts text with ... if they cannot displayed anymore because of the screen size. See the first page of the ajax demo and reduche the browser size until you see the ... ;).
New: Updated jQuery to 1.11.1
New: On smart phones the autodetect of thumbnails is disbled if the responsive mode is enabled on the thumb page because this can cause exteme big paginations.
New: On browser resize the new size is sent right away. So at the next request the size works fine right away.
New: TFU 3.2 included.
Fix: Swipe was not working on elements with links. This means on the detail page swiping was not working over an image. Now a are excluded in the plugin and swiping should work now everywhere.
Fix: Some virus scanner where reporting a file of TWG which included some encoded code as virus. This is a false alarm but the code was changed to avoid that TWG is blocked by your hoster.
Fix: The pagination on the thumbnail page was wrong if you mix folders and thumbnails
Fix: Sorting for dates before 2000 (Length of the timestamp of 9)
Fix: Disabling the captions was disabling the edit of folder.txt and foldername.txt in the menu. Now this feature still works when captions are not shown.
Fix: iframe youtube and using a sorting prefix was not playing the first video.
Fix: Direct folder.png was not shown in php include mode.
Fix: Folder image was not shown when basedir was not default and SEO was enabled.

2.1 - 12.05.2014
Fix: Important: Now Full IE11/IE10 support. The browser detection was not catching IE11/10 properly. Now IE11/10 are not running in compability mode anymore. You need php > 5.1.1 because the browser detection is used here.
Fix: Slideshow does now work with multiline captions
Fix: iframes of slideshow were increased slightliy to show the border on all browsers.
Fix: Button up is now centered always on the thumbnail page.
Fix: Iframe of slideshow is hidden until the iframe is loaded to avoid

New: Album explorer does now show/hide with a nice slide effect.
Fix: Swipe direction was changed - swipe left does now show the next image which is like on any smartphone/tablet.
Fix: Parameter isTablet was not always set.

Fix: Caption in the black skin was fixed.

New: Swipe support is now available for all smarthpones AND tablets! A real mobile detection is now included and a jquery plugin for swipes is used!
Fix: Lightbox images where broken inside an iframe on some browsers. Now all tested browsers work fine.
Fix: Private login links with seo enabled in the album tree are fixed.
Fix: Vertical images on top x are now centered.

New: Enable/disable the whole mobile detection: $enable_mobile_detection
Fix: Speedtest fixed. Was broken because of the 404 crawling "+ loc +" fix.

SEO: 404 crawling errors for subdirectories fixed. Not ~ is used in the url because encoded / are depending on the apache configuration blocked. See $album_sub_url_seo_character and the updated SEO howto
SEO: 404 crawling "+ loc +" error fixed. Caused that bot do not execute JS but only extract code.
SEO: Added nofollow at the twg_reset_bandwidth link to avoid that boots reset the cache!
Fix: License file was not read by the flash in the administration. Now this works fine again.

Fix: Enable basic seo in the administration had the default of the field above. Now the saved setting is preselected.
Fix: Seo .htaccess file was changed slighly to support the new seo urls better.

New: Edit support on the thumbnail page. Folder name (foldername.txt) and folder description (folder.txt) can be edited on the thumbnailpage now.
Fix: Changing of FLV/mp4 videos in dhtml/Ajax mode is now working again.

New: Support for search friendly urls. Please read the howto 44 for this. This feature is available for users of a professional liense.
New: jQuery was updated to version 1.10.2.
New: TFU 3.1 included.
New: Swiping does now work on all mobile devices. Not only in fullscreen anymore.
New: Added some media queries for mobile devices. So folder text and the powered by are shown differently when you make the browser smaller.
SEO: Optimized duplicate meta description
SEO: Optimized canonical tag
Fix: Flash upload was logged out after an upload when $generate_cache_at_upload = false; Now it works again like excpected.
Fix: Workaround added for flv players when no image but sound is played.
Fix: Rendering preview images with ffmpeg was brocken.
Fix: $enable_smily_support=false; caused a rendering problem in comments and captions. Both pages look now how they should.
Fix: Error message when thumbnails where created on the thumbnailpage was fixed.
Fix: Slideup/down was removed because on small screens you need to scroll which was imposible with this function!
Fix: back.png is now also rendered on the content div! This enables round corners with and also a background image!
Fix: Colorpicker was fixed to work with css3 round corners.
Fix: Many minor fixes

1.9 - 04.04.2013
New: Fully compatible with php 5.4!
New: TFU 3.0.3 included.
New: All important <center> do have an id now. So you can easily e.g. float or text-align them.
Security fix: Multiple Full Path Disclosure Vulnerabilities closed. This vulnerability has been discovered
by Manuel Garcia Cardenas (mgarcia (at) isecauditors (dot) com). Thanks for finding this!
New: $autocreate_folder_id is now true by default. folder.id is used to identify a folder even when you rename it. The warning in the administration has been improved!
New: jQuery was updated to version 1.9.1.
Fix: Perfect popup optimized. Does now work for Chrome as well.
Fix: image.txt files with the size 0 caused a loop! Now this is checked before reading!
Fix: when $sort_album_by_date was set to true and $sort_album was set to false the sorting prefix was added but not removed. Now $sort_album_by_date and $sort_album are checked both.

1.8.9 - 01.09.2012
New: You can now use smtp email in TWG for better e-mail support. See $use_smtp and the the following settings in config.php
New: Users of the professional license can now enable to enter the caption directly at the upload. See $enter_caption_at_upload. Default is false.
New: Added some css styles from twitter bootstrap to all iframes. Input fields and buttons do now look nicer.
New: Added $cache_clean_thumbs. If set to true thumbnails are also cleaned up at the cache cleanup.
New: Native css3 round border support. This is supported by all major browser now and the old way was removed. This does now work for php include as well!
New: Native youtube html5 support. You can now use "IFRAME" as $video_player. Currently this is in beta on youtube. Read the updated howto 34 if you already like to use it.
New: New skin: Shadow - Look at it as example for your own skin. It has a lot round coners and shadows.
New: Updated TFU to 2.17!
New: Generation of cache is now done in 2 steps. You now have to click a button first to check the cache. This reduces cpu load of this page a lot because a full directory scan is now only done when needed.
Fix: Sometimes the login to the administration was showing a strange error message if the default password was used. Not the redirection to change the pw should work always.
Fix: jQuery slideshow was not centered in FF. Now it is.
Fix: Using global_image.htm caused the detail popup to fail in some setups.
Fix: The order of a:hover and a:visited was wrong when saving the css in the color manager. This caused that the hover color was not displayed properly in all browsers. Also the skins where updated because of this.
Fix: Optimization of css was not supporting urls in my_style.css. Now relative and absolute paths are supported. url() has to be lower case.
Fix: Exif data is now only read if the caption is not set yet. This is much faster now.

1.8.8 - 01.06.2012
New: Bookmarkable/reloadable urls are now available even with ajax and flash navigation. The image number is now added to the url with a hash. See http://blog.mgm-tp.com/2011/10/must-know-url-hashtechniques-for-ajax-applications/
New: Request and size optimization. Please see <blog to come> for details! Up to 42% less requests! 55% less bytes to transfer. Page speed score enhanced from 49/100 to 95/100!
New: css files moved to the css folder and minimized
New: css files are now combined into one and stored in the cache folder.
New: Album tree uses now sprites -> 15 images less are used
New: optimized .htaccess file for caching and zip of resources.
New: Added some container on the topx page to allow better styling.
New: improved mobile support.
New: TFU updated from version 2.15 to 2.16
New: New icon for the private folders. If you like the old style -> the old image is still in the buttons folder. The image is from http://pixel-mixer.com/. Thanks for providing this for free even for commercial. Another backlink is also on the credits page of TWG!
New: Support for the alphacanel of 24 bit private.png
New: Support for the alphacanel of 24 bit watermarks - they look way better now ;).
Security Fix: At the i_optionen.php all parameters where checked but after a detection of an XXS attack the script was not stopped like in the index.php. I have added this there too and now the Attacker gets a message displayed.
Security Fix: If you are logged in in the administration you could submit forms/requests that where the input was not checked. Now it is done like in the gallery itself. This is a minor issue because if you have access to the TWG administration you can use the TWGExplorer to do anything anyway...
Security Fix: All forms (site and administration) are now protected against CSRF attacks: See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cross-site_request_forgery
Fix: Fixed the reading of external images when the listing is not allowed but a external file is used.
Fix: Fixed the reading of GPS data. Is now tested with IPhone and Samsung Galaxy S2 images as well.
Fix: Error message when size in cache could not be determind fixed.
Fix: Encoding of special chars when entering foldername.txt and folder.txt in the front end was done too often. Now is is displayed fine.
Fix: Whole album path was shown as default for the foldername.txt. Now only the current directory is shown.
Fix: On the thumbnail page the pager was hidden. Now it is shown fine again.
Fix: On the thumbnail page with folders too many thumbs where shown. There is no optimal solution because the number of thumbs differ then from page to page. So I choose the solution which shown the most images.
Fix: Special chars where not displayed properly in the title bar of the browser on the thumbnail page. now they are utf8 encoded.

1.8.7 - 11.12.2011
New: $show_last_next_album - shows 2 new buttons to navigate to the last/next album.
New: IPTC link is shown next to the title edit field if data is present. Clicking on it copies the iptc data to the caption field.
New: Added a Facebook like and blog widget.
Fix: The encoding for iptc data was too complicated and not correct everywhere. I have removed a couple of unneeded conversions and fix the problem for the tilte and one tag.
Fix: On php < 5 an encoding warning was shown on some servers. Now there is a version detection.
Fix: IPTC data during upload with the flash uploader was not read. Now it is inderted properly.
Fix: Notification e-mails for comments and ratings are now sent utf-8 encoded to support special characters like öäü.

1.8.6 - 30.10.2011
New: TFU 2.15 is integrated.
New: $show_rotation_buttons_login_only was added - so only registered users can see the rotate buttons and rotate images permanent (.rot files in the cache!)
New: $enable_language_selector: The selector is only shown if more than one language file is in the language folder. If you want to disable the selector directly please set this parameter to false.
Fix: Textareas where displayed to big in Firefox after a Firefox update. Now they have a width style and are displayed fine.
This was the main reason for this release because it was not looking good!
Fix: The demo was not working because a ' in the file name was not escaped in the Javascript.
Fix: Wenn the main pictures folder was not writable the textarea for folder.txt wat not shown which is correct. Now the menu item is not shown either to avoid an empty screen with a save button only.
Fix: The private.gif was not rendered on the folder image when php include was used.
Fix: Sort by date does now use the time as well an not only the date. I merged this change from Thorsten in the last version not correctly. Thorsten found the error again and now it should work properly ;).
Fix: 2 Error messages of not existing variables during upload are fixed. They are not needed in this process but at least defined ;). 25.08.2011
New: Sort by date does now use the time as well an not only the date. Makes much more sense now - Thanks to Thorsten.
Fix: Added error messages when my_config.php could not be saved.
Fix: The back button in the top navigation was not shown in html mode.
Fix: Deletion of comments was not working with all settings. Now it does.
Fix: folder.png was not working with php include. Now it works fine.

1.8.5 - 12.08.2011
New: Frontend edit of folder.txt and foldername.txt - the "caption" menu link has changed to "Edit".
New: SEO optimizations: noindex, nofollow are now at all rotation links and the topx link because there it is not needed at all!
New: SEO optimizations: Unique meta titles and descriptions are generated.
New: Support of canonical URLs. Only twg_album and twg_image are the parameters that identifies a detail page of TWG. On all pages that have additional parameters a canonical url is added in the header so that google does not treat them as duplicate content anymore. See: http://www.google.com/support/webmasters/bin/answer.py?answer=139066
New: If you set $enable_comments_only_registered then only backend useres or the user itself can delete a comment. before users that could edit comments can delete. Now fronend access is only needed.
New: TFU was updated to 2.14.3. Create of files is now supported!
New: $image_factor - this is the factor of the images used for the iframes of the slideshow. If you have smaller images you can redurce this value and still have the full display. This should be used if you want to integrate TWG into a very small we page.
New: new style: twg_menu_border - the padding to the images are set there. $hide_overview_image_border can be used to turn the border off.
New: You can now use a private.png in the pictures folder. If you have protected the whole gallery then this image is shown over the whole gallery but below the login window. So you can protect your gallery with a nice image.
New: Support for mms streams. Works like the http sreams. Simply use mms:// instead http://
New: A log is now written if someone logs into a passowrd protected gallery in the normal password mode.
New: Updated jquery from 1.4.1 to 1.6.1 - and it is now always available under $j. So you can use it anytime for your own extensions.
New: Internal setting in config_internal.php : $iptc_encoding - if you have utf-8 iptc tags you can use $iptc_encoding = 'utf-8'; here. Otherwise all entries are utf-8 encoded.
New: Internal setting in config_internal.php : $print_memory_usage - shows the memory when a image is created. before this was competely internal but now it can also be used to look for bootlenecks during image generation!
Fix: Swipe is now only available on the fullscreen because otherwise it disables also the moving inside the gallery on the pages before.
Fix: The icon settings for mobile mode where overwritten by local configs. Now this settings are set is after reading this files.
Fix: $video_player == "AUTO" was not working for FLV's if $video_flash_site was set. Now this should work with both combinations.
Fix: On the thumbnail page the lighbox was not working properly on FLV folders because the base dir was calculated differently.
Fix: Small encoding fix for flash videos and integrated swfs
Fix: BCC code was not linking to the image anymore. Because of a refactorying this was broken. Now it works again.
Fix: checkXSS was improved. A / after index.php directly is already an error!
Fix: php include and skip thumbnails was not working because the install_dir had to be added earlier. Not it is added at the right time.
Fix: folder2.png was not in the exclude list for pngs which are not shown in a folder.
Fix: <br> in the title and comments are not directly allowed anymore. You can now simply use returns in the input fields.
Fix: $video_flv_stretching for FLVs was only used for the 1st played image and not anymore when the video was exchanged automatically. Now the variable is used there as well.
Fix: dynamic backround and a global private.txt cause that the login box was shown after the 2nd request but not the first. Now it is shown directly!
Fix: hidden files where not processed propery by the TWGExplorer
Fix: I removed the hidden files pattern because it does not match with the TFU hidden file settings. Now hidden files in TWGExploter and TFU re the same: files starting with . In TFU you have more filter possibilities. Check the tfu_config.php
Fix: I fixed some small layout stuff for IE9! If you still have display problems with ie9 - please let me know.
Fix: Display of the title in the window was imporoved. For images with no caption no title was shown in the header. This leads to duplicates in search engines - now the image name is printed there.
Fix: recusive folder image does now support spaces in the dir and file names.
Fix: The search was displaying the TOPX - now the search is shown again.
Fix: The opacity is removed after a fade. IE has display errors on black.
Fix: $fix_ie_fade added. IE does not handle black properly during fading. 99% of the time this does not matter because you don't see this. But if you have black images and you see white dots you can set this to true to replace black. If you still see white dots you have to set $image_page_fade=1
New: The default for $direct_folderpng was chaged to true. This gives better performance because no php calls are needed. Special characters in the path are not supported. If you have this set this to false again.
New: $direct_folderpng is now used for private.png as well. It has the same performance impact and restrictions as folder.png.
Fix: I updated the flash thumbnailer. There where some undefined strings in the url which where not right. It should not change anything but the requests are now correct.
Fix: I added the new zip class I made to TWG itself. I also updated TFU 2.13 to the latest version where this zip class was included first.
Fix: removed the duplicate zip class from the admin/upload folder. One was from TFU, one from TWG. I only use the one from TFU here.
Fix: Some smilies where not displayed properly because I was sorting the file names but not the display names.

1.8.4 - 04.02.2011
New: Swipe support for ipad, iphone, adroid. Use left and right changes the image. Swipping up or down goes one level up.
New: TFU 2.13 is included.
New: Support of overlay images when the FLASH player is used as videoplayer (like youtube).
New: $overlays_for_other_file_formats - you can disable that the thumbnails are watermarked if they are not images.
Fix: I put back the error message if the watermark could not be rendered because the watermark was too big.
Fix: php include and maximum view do not work together - before this lead to an empty page - now it is disabled and the default popup comes up.
Fix: Safari does not like the port in the url in the lightbox. I removed the port when the default port 80 is used.
Fix: I was writing english and german meta descriptions at once. Seems google is ignoring the lang attribute and tries to detect this by himself. And currently it does this wrong. I now check the language and only if it is German the German one ist used. English is the default.
Fix: Internal variables of the TWG admins are now checked as well. Just in case someone who has access to the backend wants to hack you! Thanks to Yam Mesicka

1.8.3 - 22.11.2010
New: IPad Support - If an iPad is detected the flash thumbnail trip is replaced with the AJAX navigation.
New: For ratings are now the ip and the user name stored. You now get a message that you have already voted. See $rating_reload_time
New: New parameter $video_flv_stretching. It defines how flv videos are streched. Possible values: uniform(default), fill, exactfit, none
New: config.php for the pictures folder only! This one is not recursive
New: config.php files in sub directores are now recusive! You don't have to specify them in all subfolders.
New: New user rolle. It's now possible top have a "login frontend only" user. He is able to log into a user based protected gallery but not to modiy anything. If you use the admininstration in French, Danish or Dutch please update the language files as well.
New: TFU 2.12 is included.
New: The current user is stored in $_SESSION['TFU_USER'] for the flash. So the log plugin can now track users in TWG as well.
Security fix: Additional parameters where not checked against attacks. Now they are.
Security fix: Additionally I have extended the black list, added lengh checks to all parameters where this is possible and all input parameters are converted with htmlspecialchars before output.
Security fix: I replaced all usages of PHP_SELF with SCRIPT_NAME because it cannot be used for XSS attacks.
Security fix: All i_frames do now check if this function is enabled and the user is authorized to do it.
Fix: I removed the flickering in the big thumbnailstrip
Fix: The new slideshows do now support background images with IE as well - before a white box was shown.
Fix: The assumed dimension for images was changed from 4:3 to 16:9 in the slideshow because there are more and more cameras supporting this format.
Fix: \r in a caption is now replaced as well because this caused a JS error in the slideshow
Fix: In the my_session.php was some debug code which was in the iframes shown when you where logged in.
Fix: When the slideshow is started $album_tree_default_open is set to false;
Fix: a <center> was removed by changing the order of some html - Thanks to Christian.
Fix: Support for my_style_ie.css - hopefully with IE9 everything gets better.
Fix: Better UTF-8 support in the encoding of parameters. Lot of parameters where using htmlentities without a charset. this is not important for 99,999% of the users. But now it's clean as well.
Fix: The sorting prefix is first removed now and than the number of chars from $remove_x_chars_from_filename. Before it was done the other way around.

1.8.2 - 30.9.2010
New: TWG has now 2 new jquery slideshows which replace the maximized and optimized one. They are both based on the jquery cycle plugin and support 28 different transitions! You can set the transitions at $twg_slide_fx_type. The big advantage of the new slideshow is that I don't need special imaes for the slideshow! So I save almost 50% of the cache!
New: Transitional effect for the ajax detail page. You can set the fade level with $image_page_fade. 1 means no fade. 0 = complete fadeOut/fadeIn, 0.5 is 50%.
New: The album.txt has now 3 dynamic variables you can use. Please read the update howto 32!
New: A 120px thumbnail strip is now available - see $big_thumbnail_strip
New: A 404 header is now sent if an album or image is not found. This is much better for search engines because they then don't get duplicates pages anymore!
New: Added &type=download for image.php - this make is possible to add a download link as addon - check the new download addon.
New: When you close the upload window a page refresh id done to shown the new images.
Fix: $enable_download is now checked in image.php as well. So original images cannot be downloaded if it is not enabled in the config. Please read howto 1 how to disable direct access which a .htaccess!
Fix: A logout in the user login mode does now redirect to the main gallery and you don't stay logged in.
Fix: When using multi root mode and the user was using the topx the up button was not shown which made it hard to navigate. Now this works fine.
Fix: When using self registration the twg root was lost because of a session reset. This leads to a error in the next request when clicking on logout. This is fixed now.
Fix: self_registration_basedir can now be set in a custom.php in a folder as well. Before this was only working in the main config files because a relative path was set there.
Fix: After logging out after an upload the login windows only was shown because I deleted the twg_root during upload. Now i save the root and everything works fine.
Fix: Delete of comments do now work in the comment iframe as well.

New: Updated TFU to 2.11
New: Added $save_only_delta. The is how the checkbox in the administration is preselected.
New: save only delta is now saved in the config.
New: A .htccess file in the xml folder is now created to allow access to xml files. More and more server do restrict this and therefore this files is needed that the flash can read his xml file from the cache properly!
Fix: Important - Under IE8 sometimes the preload function was throwing a javascript error. I tracked down the issue and fixed it :).
Fix: The additional tab was improved. You can now enter comments as well
Fix: watermark_big was not saved
Fix: the middle-middle position was missing. It was 2 times middle-left.
Fix: Removed some unneeded css styles for IE
Fix: Maximized slideshow was not enabled in Opera and Safari because of a Typo
Fix: ' is now allowed in the text fields of the administration
Fix: The close icon for delete comments where not mapped after changing to sprites
Fix: The lightbox is now working on the search if you have albums too. Before the lighbox was working if only images where found.
Fix: The download link below FLV videos was not working after exchanging the link with AJAX because different links for the player and the link are needed. Now this is done.
Fix: not clipped vertical images where not centered on all browsers. css styles where ignored so I had to add a center unfortunately.
Fix: Because of the address bar in popups in Firefox the images where squashed a little bit. Now they are displayed fine again.
Fix: Entering \' or \" in the free text field can destroy the config. Now a warning is shown before you save it.
Fix: The popup does now work with https calls.
Fix: $hide_hidden_files of TFU is now connected to the hide setting in the TWG user administration.
Fix: Removing e-mails in the e-mail notification with turned on encryption crypted the remaining e-mails wrong. Now this work fine.
Fix: The sender of the admin notification e-mail was set with language files values which only worked in english. Now it works for all languages.
Fix: " in the title was not encoded properly on the thumbnail page.
Fix: foldername.txt was save in the session with the directory name only. Now the full path in used to avoid problem with duplicate directores.
New: If an empty caption is entered the default caption is used again. For an empty caption simply use a space.
Fix: Captions could not be entered through the frontend because of a typo. Now it wirks fine again.
Fix: I replaced a fread with file_get_contents to avoid errors with empty files.
New: I added $hide_empty_directories to the config.
Fix: Error when self registration was used. I forgot to remove a debug line. The self registration path was entered wrong in the user file. No login was possible. Now the path is fixed.
Fix: On some systems errors because of disabled functions are shown in the debug file. I don't show the error message there there anymore.
Fix: The link in the info Box was not pointing to the right cache dir + the alt attribute is now filled with the caption.
Fix: IPTC data reading was not enabled by default in the config. Now this is default and captions and tags are read properly.
Fix: The $autocreate_folder_image_recursive function does now pick the first image from the first folder with images if no topx images were found.
Fix: horizonal spacing was 2 px to little whne clipped images where not used on the overview page. This works now like expected.

1.8 - 17.2.2009
New: The left/right buttons of the non-scolling dhtml navigation are now using Javascript as well and not html links as before
New: Updated TFU to 2.10.7
New: I added $admin_enable_cmd_checks. So if e.g. the image magick/ffmpeg checks fail with an error you can disable them.
New: Updated finish language file - Thanks to Antti Kuukka
New: Support for special chars when url.txt is used with a local path
New: Support for user registration in sub folders if enabled only by a folder based config.php
New: I integrated the new TWG logo to the backend!
New: TWG is now using sprites (=one image is loaded and only parts of it are displayed on different places)! In total I removed 315! images from the build.
New: Language handling was improved - instead of having 90 files now only 30 are left. Read the new updated howto 8 if you want to add your own language.
New: The vote buttons are now much better - better look, better handling, only one image is used!
New: I added $multi_root_mode_permissions - can be used to autologin users - check howto 52
New: The Lytebox does now only show the waiting icon if the image swtich take longer than 1 second. Just looks smother
New: Modified Settings in the backed are now shown blue to find them better!
New: You can now save the modified values in my_config.php only.
New: twg_random_display parameter added to support that a random image can open an image directly. Should be used together with a lighbox! See howto 4.
New: Selected tab in the administration is now marked red.
New: Stack trace is printed to the debug file when enhanced debug is enabled
New: Addons are supported. Check the website
Fix: Non-scolling dhtml navigation + a dynamic background image was not working together - now it is.
Fix: $hide_overview_image_border is now working again.
Fix: TWG is now php 5.3.x compatible. One depreciation warning was shown if the server had the wrong error level settings.
Fix: Some problem during the cache generation.
Fix: Some typos in the language files
Fix: Cooliris plugin is now working again - I hope their implementation reading the css stays stable now.
Fix: Eliminated some error messages that could occur on some servers.
Fix: TWG is now W3C conform again
Fix: The parameter 'include_iframe' is not in the backend anymore because since 1.7.6 this only needed in special cases - see howto 2
Fix: Cleaned up the generated my_config.php
Fix: I removed the +repage from the imagemagick command because this is not available on all systems.
Fix: $twg_standalone was not added at the bandwith and the enable cache link. When included in a cms this links where then not working like expected.
Fix: email check for the e-mail notification fixed.
Fix: E-mail notification e-mails are now sent in UTF-8 - thanks to Maskolis for the fix.
Fix: Reimplemented 'Deprecated: Function ereg_replace() is deprecated'
Fix: Many small things you most likely have not noticed yet ;). - 27.9.2009
New: Added $video_flv_buffer to video.php for videos that you can specify the buffer fors flv's before a video starts
New: Update TFU to 2.10.4
New: Detection of not readable xml files. I try to delete the file and debugging this problem
New: flush() after the header. The increates browser display time because css and js files can already loaded.
Fix: FLV part was rewritten because it was still using code which was needed for older players. Now the code is up to date again.
Fix: If we have images in the pictures level a > in the breadcrumb was missing on the detail page.
Fix: ERROR 2 in c0_3/www/twg/admin/upload/tfu_helper.php, line 760: Missing argument 2 for is_supported_tfu_image()
Fix: Passwords could not have special characters like !öäü... Now this works too.
Fix: The images could be viewed directly over the image.php or the i_popup.php if you know the folder and the image name. Now image.php is checked as well if access is allowed.

1.7.8 - 10.9.2009
New: Speed optimisations. Compared to TWG 1.7.7 e.g. the thumbnail page is ~ 20% faster than before!
New: cache folder can look like the original folder structure. On some servers long directory listings are slow. set $use_cache_with_dir=true if you like to use this!
New: Autoenable of the cache. After 3 requests the cache is now activated by default. Too many users were using TWG without! See: $autoenable_cache
New: Support of right.htm - works like left.htm. But you have to set the width e.g. with a div because otherwise this is ignored by some browser.
New: Meaning of header.htm, top.htm, footer.htm, bottom.htm has changed a little bit. Please check the updated howto!
New: Updated TFU to v2.10
New: $autocreate_folder_id added. Since 1.7.7 you can use a folder.id file which is the prefix for all xml files - You can now create this file automatically with the current directory in it. This enables you to move folders without loosing any xml data like comments or tags.
New: Module für Joomla does now include css for litebox.
Fix: Sometimes invalid characters are in the counter files. I have added an additional check which should prevent that these are written.
Fix: If Flash was used $use_nonscrolling_dhtml has to be false. Otherwise the page was refreshed all the time. I set this now to false no matter what you set in the config.
Fix: The funpic javascript is now only loaded if you are on funpic.
Fix: $icon_set was not used for the menu_home.gif button. Now it should be displayed fine.
Fix: Check of the onlineuser.txt file was added - sometimes php does write invalid data there.
Fix: latvian language files was updated by Andra - Many thanks.
Fix: relative video folders where not working in all level depths - now it works on all levels
Fix: If you disable the login in the frontend the caption iframe link was not updated and the caption was entered for the wrong image. Now this works fine.
Fix: If someone sets $install_dir then php_include is set to true automatically.
Fix: The newest language strings where not added in all language files.
Fix: For dynamic backgrounds a width was missing. when the gallery was loaded the first time it was not displayed over the whole browser. I was actually looking quite some time for this bug and could finally solve it.
Fix: Using hashed cache names was not working for files whith special characters in the flash. Now this works fine too.
Fix: loading a language in an iframe without the default en language installed was not working if you had english as default language in the browser. Now this is checked as well.
Fix: bbc codes where not generated properly anymore after a refactoring - now they are fine again.
Fix: The port where missing at link and bcc code
Fix: When using $use_cache_with_dir the fading slideshow was not working.
Fix: When uploading with the flash the detail images where automatically clipped! Now it works properly!
Fix: Automatic conversion of videos tried to convert flv's as well. This failed and does not make sense. Now flv's are not touched anymore.
New: Added $direct_folderpng. You can directly link to the folder.png. This is a little bit faster but you can not have spacial characters in your album names like öäü. You should only switch this if folder.png's are not shown properly.
New: The white skin shows now how to make a thumbnails with shadow.
Fix: The alpha function (the hover effect on the folder pages) whas changes in IE8. I changed the implementation that it works now again on all tested browsers.
Fix: Hover effect in the black skin was not visible because it was the same color as the background. Now its visible.
New: New buttons for the rating and a new layout for entering the rating too. The buttons for the rating are now part of the icon set.
Fix: Enhanced some wordings in the German translation of the TWG administration.
Fix: Image file cache was not working on all systems. Now I improved the coding that it works fine on all of my servers ;).
Fix: Added a couple of @ before unlinks to avoid error messages nobody cares ;).
Fix: Popup does now support 16:9 images!
Fix: videos where not played with php include because the install dir parameter was not used. Not this works fine too.
Fix: Download a whole directory zip was not working anymore because of a Javascript error + the tiemout of the closing was increased to mkae sure that the download really starts. Now this works fine again.
Fix: I disabled the saving of the download manager selection because of the dhtml mode. I have now enabled this again because I imlemented this for all modes.
Fix: Arabic language file was updated by Housamz

1.7.7 - 26.04.2009
New: Lytebox does now include all images of a folder. You can navigate wiht left right even on the image page. It is now supported on the image, thumbnail and topx page. This is only available if $use_lytebox=true
New: TFU 2.9 integrated. TFU can now be updated much easier because all changes needed for TWG is extracted in a plugin.
New: You can now link external directories to the pictures directory. Only images and some video types are supported. Please read the updated howto 20.
New: TWG mobile mode - mobile devices like the iphone are detected and TWG switches to an optimized mode for it.
New: Hungerian language file. Thanks to CoCI
New: Caption is now prefilled. You can edit captions now very easy trough the menu.
New: : is now supported in webstreams. : has to be replaced by _C_ - check the updated howto 34.
New: Double posts in comments is not allowed anymore.
New: Version check in the administration.
New: Updated the flv player to 4.3.132 (4.4 is not used because of the logo that is faded into the video at the beginning. Update the player by yourself (html/mediaplayer.swf) if you like the latest version).
Fix: A couple of small fixes to run IE8 not in compability mode. It's still enabled by default. You never know ;).
Fix: Random image with remote folders was not working.
Fix: fixUrl the removed ../ in paths like realpath was improved.
Fix: better remote support because I made the whole url handling consistent though the code.
Fix: optimized padding if php include was used and default paddings where set by the includeing page.
Fix: .htaccess files does now secure .log files as well.
Fix: Wrong passwords in the log file are now masked with * because someone could try password which are close to the original.
Fix: Some small warnings in the debug removed
Fix: After the upload the cache images are generated. But if the same images are uploaded again the cache was not deleted properly before. Now it is.
Fix: In the slideshow now a maximum of 3 lines are supported. Befor it was like 2.5 only ;).
Fix: When the whole top was disabled the position pixel for the iframe where missing to. I added this now seperately in this mode
Security Fix: In admin/_include/init.php any local file could be included. Now this is not possible anymore. This was a problem of QuixExplorer and found by EgiX.

1.7.6 - 29.12.2008
New: Support for transparent PNG's and GIF's. Rotation of transparent PNG's is not supported. Seems to be buggy on some gdlib versions. You should turn of rotation if you use transparent images.
New: Direct support for PNG's. There are now only 5 filesnames you can not use because they are used internally - check howto 0 which png's TWG does use!
Removed: Support for gdlib < 2.0
New: Rating does now checks the whole session if for an image was already voted. Before only double votes where not possible. Furthermore the message for the double vote is now shown right away.
New: Updated flv player to version 4.2 + Some settings have changed.
New: Support for mp4 - Use FLV as player! I added 2s preloading too. Don't forget the register the player seperately if you use it commercial.
New: If the FLV player is used the preview image is shown now inside the player.
New: System check added. I always check if the whole TWG code was called. If this is not the case because of e.g. an error somewhere the system cleans the temporary files after the 3rd retry and hopefully it works then ;)
New: Arabic language file. Thanks to the Zamalek Toolbar Team
Fix: For jpg's the watermark text is antialized. For png and gif this is disabled because it looks bad with transparency.
Fix: I forgot to add the ffmpeg test avi in the html folder. I added it and now th check in the info.php does work fine again.
Fix: config_sort.php in the pictures folder was forcing zu sort the first level of sub directories as well if no other config_sort.php was in this folder. Now the config_sort.php in the pictures directory is only valid for this folder. Makes it possible to sort the main dir different to the other one with one config file.
Fix: some buttons in IE where not align properly when round corners where used. Now they are fine. Check the style_ie.css if you want to adjust something manually
Fix: The xml file for the flash was always cached even when the session cache was turned off. I was possible that an outdated xml file was used then. Now the xml is only cached if the session cache is turned on.
Fix: Extract IPTC data was generating a () if no 2nd options was specified. Now the 2nd option is only added when something is found.
Fix: Height of iframes was set int the main config. But changes in custom configs where not reflected. Now the max height of iframes are set later in the inc/loadconfig.php.
Fix: Piclens plugin changed their encoding again. Now it is how it should be in my option. I removed the extra encoding that was needed before.
Fix: cound corners + private.txt in the main folder was not working properly together. Now it does. - 18.10.2008
New: Support for icon sets - but right 6 different color sets are included. Check the buttons/iconsets folders and use the foldername as setting for $icon_set
New: The small navigation can be hidden by setting $hide_topnavigation=false;
Fix: Opera does not support the round corners properly. Therefore I splitted the css and for Opera the old style is used!
Fix: The fading effect was not working under Opera before. Thanks to Hubertus it does now work there too.
Fix: Support for IE8 - I enabled the IE7 compatability mode.
Fix: I optimized a few skins. They are now optimized for iframe include under IE as well.
Fix: Focus in iframes was not set anymore - now it does work fine.

1.7.5 - 04.10.2008
New: Support for round corners. See the new howto 50 for details.
New: Rekursiv private.txt. Not every folder does now need his own one anymore!
New: global_image.htm. You can create this file in the main folder of TWG. This is a global image.txt + the macro {img_full_url} which is a link to the original image!
New: Better root.txt support. Using it shows everthing like on the 1st page - thanks to Hubertus for the code
New: New skin - "round corners". Can be used for the default skin to get round corners + can be used as template if you use your own skin to get round corners. check the skin folder.
Fix: The Ajax thumbnailstrip was very slow because of a css bug in Firefox 3. Don't use border style inset in FF3. Seems to be buggy ;). I have changed the style and now it is very fast in FF3 again.
Fix: Couple of small fixes in the french language file.
Fix: Keyboard navigation for IE7 was not working because of a change in 1.7.4. Now it works fine again.
Fix: the iframe of the maximized slideshow was a little to wide in IE. I reduced the size by 50 px.
Fix: The cache generation for remote images was not supported yet. Now it is but the $resite_only_if_to_big flag is not supported if I cannot read the size of the external image.
Fix: Remote image fullscreen support was not supporting spaces in the path like the rest of the gallery - now it does.
Fix: Remote images were loading very slow in the popup because a function that does not support remote images was used. This caused the browser to wait a couple of secounds.
Fix: Key navigation code is now the same for alle browsers. I could remove the IE solution.
Fix: SERVER_NAME is not used anymore because it was not delivering the right value all the time. Now HTTP_HOST ist used - Thanks to Hubertus for the hint.
Fix: window.open in new windows was not the optimal size in IE. Now a resize is done after the opening - Thanks for Hubertus for the hint.
Fix: Warning during slideshow was thrown because the header was already sent. The charset is now set earlier and now waring is shown anymore.
Fix: the jomla random module could not be installed because of the wrong xml file. Now the one for 1.5 is included again.
New: private.txt in the main folder does now work at sub folders as well. You don't have to specify a private.txt everywhere anymore. This solution is NOT recursiv for other folders. I'm working on this!
Fix: A error during cache cleanup was shown. Now it works fine again.
Fix: In the fullscreen mode the caption was sometimes one image behind because of a timing problem. I added syncronisation at this point and now it works perfect.
Fix: Small layout enhancements in the administration.
Fix: The normal slideshow was throwing an error because the refactoring was not done there. Now it works without warnings again.
Fix: Some minor warnings are not shown in the debug file anymore and a fallback has been implemented for this cases.
Fix: The example for iframe was updated - it works now with the new lytebox as well.
Fix: The new lytebox was always starting at 30px independent of the scrolling. now it start 30px below the current viewport
Fix: Pagination was not working properly when subdirs where used (problem added in 1.7.4!). Now it's fine again.

1.7.4 - 01.07.2008 - make a normal update - or use the patch file of the download page!
New: Lytebox is now integrated! It replaces the normal liteboxbecuase it support iframes (read the updated howto) and is only 40% in size!
New: Official support for Firefox 3.0 ;). Everything was working fine ;). You need Flash 9 for a fully working thumbnails flash!
New: Custom sorting of directories is now supported. You have to use a file called config_sort.php for this! Read howto 6 for details.
Fix: Resetting the session was done twice instead of once. Some images where missing for one request. Now they are show right away!
Fix: Only the first 10 diretories where in cluded in the topx because of a recursion problem. Now it works like it should!
Fix: The album exporer was not working selecting the menu items anymore after the data is loaded from the cache. The session info was not stored to the cache. Now it is and even at direct links the right menu item is selected.
Fix: funpic.de changed it's layer ad's. I adopted TWG that they are now again removed ;).
New: The key 'Esc' does now close the maximized view!
Fix: When using php include and direct download was enabled the popup was not found. Now the popup is displayed fine.
New: You can now show/hide the breadcrumb by setting $show_breadcrumb to true/false
Fix: The Flash Uploader was infrequently not working the first time. This was a timing issue with the session that is now fixed! You should update to be 100% sure that it works all the time!
Fix: The website structure has changed - TWG does now use the new links - the old ones still work but are only redirected.
Fix: When using php include the smilies where not shown when smilies are loaded by the Ajax solution.
Fix: Breadcrumb had one > too much with images in the main folder. Now it is o.k.
Fix: The recursive view dir function has now a maxumum depth limit of 10. This avoids a looup if the directory structure is linked in a loop!
Fix: precaching and php include was throwing an error message in the log about smilies not found. During caching this should not be done anyway and therefore smilie replace is now disabled during caching.
Fix: TFU: Preview text was not shown properly - always preview not available was shown.
Fix: I reworked all skins to work nicer with the new thumbnail flash and with the album tree!
Fix: Roation when using the thumbnail strip was not working. Now it does ;)
Fix: Divx support was brocken for special characters - i fixed the encoding and now it wotks fine again
Fix: Remote directoy support improved. It does now support special characters
Fix: use_direct_small was not used becuse i renamed something. Now the detail images are fetched from the cache directly again.
Fix: Direct download for images in the main directory had one / too much in the path.

TWG 1.7.3 - 12.05.2008
New: Integration of a flash thumbnailstrip - new feature for registered users.
New: In the administration is a red ! where the cache has to be deleted after a change.
Fix: Mediaplayer 3.16 update!
Fix: Captions on the thumbnail page are not shown properly the 1st time. XML was read but only stored in the session - now it's available right away.
Fix: html_entity_decode_fixed was called without a needed parameter at one place.

TWG 1.7.2 - 18.04.2008
New: TFU 2.7.4 was integrated into this version.
Fix: root.txt was only working on windows systems because of a path issue. Now it works as expected on all systems.

TWG 1.7.1
Important: TFU 2.7.1 was integrated into this version because of a security bugfix. The problem is in TWG not as important as in the standalone version of TFU because it is properly integrated into the system but registered users that can rename files could change the file extension by faking a request.
New: TWG does now autorefresh the cache data if new images are added. TWG stores a timestamp in the cache data and only compares the timestamp of a directory.
New: Nonscrolling ajax strip does now support the left right buttons!
New: Support for piclens plugin - a rss is now generated for all existing cache images. The rss is only updates every 4 hours.
New: Better session handling. Session is now started before config is read. This makes it possilbe to e.g. pass parameters from a cms to the config of TWG
New: Updated the Joomla modules for 1.5 - see the jomla-mambo folder
New: Support for Firefox 3 beta 4. Fixed some small layout issues with the album explorer - everything else works fine ;).
New: (Update of TFU) Better workaround if session is killed by the server because of the flash.
New: support for shell_exec and exec. Some servers don't allow exec!
New: I added $enable_enhanced_debug - then you get the request string in the debug if an error happens - only turn this on if I tel you ;).
New: Search engine optimisation: Meta tags and the titel do now have the album
New: TWG does now delete the cache files of a file if you upload a file that already exists.
New: Workaround for 'Fatal error: Out of memory in fun_list.php is a server cannot detect the correct user group
New: Workaround for 'Fatal error' if image magick and ffmpeg fail on windows
Fix: Some minor debug warnings were eliminated - The do no real harm but they where not nice ;).
Fix: Mp3 DHTML mode was not working anymore (only 1st song played) if $linktowvx was false - this is completly unrelated and now it works like expected!
Fix: iframe include did not scroll properly in IE - please read the updated howto 2!
Fix: Search for tags was throwing a warning because dir tags could be empty. I now check the value and handle this properly.
Fix: Changed "Back" to "Previous" in the en language file
Fix + redesign: root.txt - I rewrote this part because it was hard to use - read the updated howto 21 about this!
Fix: The rights for the upload you could set in the backend was allowing folder operations even if you did not give them. There was a wrong check that I fixed now everywhere
Fix: gdlib string "2.0 or higher" was not recognized - I added this detection.
Fix: I have rewritten the detection of the posix_geteuid because there where several ways how this cannot be available.
Fix: Server IP was shown instead remote address when comments are entered!
Fix: I added a workaround for a php 4 bug. This was already in 1.6.

TWG version 1.7
New: TopX can now all be precached. They can be generated now in the background and are refreshed every 4 hours (can be set). The topx are then not up to date then. Should be used if the topx takes more than a few secounds to loads.
New: For frontend users it is now possible to have more than one user dir. See the user administration for instructions.
New: Selfregistration - read the howto how to use this.
New: Hard disk cache for directories and images. Set $serialize_dir_data=true; This is a very high level of caching you can enable. The directory structure including the images are serialized to the cache folder. After enabling this the files are updated in the intervall given at precache_main_top_x_interval.
New: image magic can be used to generate the thumbs and the detail images. gdlib is still needed! Because it is used for all images that ware only generated on the fly (like random, maximum images, slideshow optimized and slideshow maximum, fullscreen). Some people say image magic is much better than gd-lib. But I don't see a big difference anymore. But for big images this is very good because is has a lower memory usage and you can process bigger images then - make sure that image magic is installed properly! For the final I'll write a small howto how check this Wink.
New: Autorotation of images. I do now read the exif info of a file and rotate the image at the first generation if the camera has set it. Check the autorotate_images setting.
New: Support for ffmpeg to generate thumbnails directly from the video!
New: Generate thumbnail from videos during upload.
New: Conversion of videos to flv during upload possible.
New: Automatic creation of video.php!
New: Comments only for registered users possible. User name automatically set when comments only for registered users.
New: Ip for comments can now be shown - "unwanted" comments can be tracked back this way.
New: Error image if image magic is not available or not configured properly.
New: info.php checks image magick + ffmpeg
New: Reimplementation of the Ajax connection usage. Now connections are reused for better performance and less connections on the server! The framework I used before was not doing this properly!
New: Check if autorotation can be done.
New: Autorotation during upload!
New: .htaccess ins hauptverziechniss, damit man keine xml und txt files von aussen listen kann!
New: subfolders only shown on 1st page!
New: The skin is automatically removed from the my_config.php and the slide.jpg images are deleted if a skin is saved.
New: French language for administration.
New: video.php not needed anymore if you like the defaults. you then have only html as mode. If you like dhtml mode you still have to use video.php. The advantage is that videos and images can be in one folder now too.
New: show_counter_in_jstree - you can now show the number of pics in the album explorer.
New: The pager line can now be configured - it has now a style + the spacer char can be set + long pager lines are optimized!
New: Support of Geocoded images - link to google maps is in the info panel
New: Optimized loading time of 1st page - cache is now not checked every session - only every $cache_time days + reding of album tree is optimized and pushed to the background - speedup the first call by 80% (My demo gallery with 3500 images loads below 2 sec. now - was 7 sec before.)
New: Caching of topxviews can now be configured for big subdirectories as well - check $precache_topx_additional_dirs
New: Now you can have a 2nd field from the iptc data you can add to the caption - check $iptc_fields_for_caption_add and $iptc_fields_for_caption_add_style
New: Support for private.txt for the main folder that restricts the whole gallery! I have also rewritten the error login page - now you don't get a text only; you get the login form right away
New: menu.htm can be used to extend the menu in the right upper corner. is language dependent menu_de.htm. This file has to be in the main folder of twg.
New: Remote image filter enhanced. Some webservers have the full path in the href - I do now strip the path and remote images work on much more servers.
New: You can shorten the breadcrumb with ... - check $hide_middle_folders_in_breadcrumb
New: overview.htm / thumb.htm / image.htm are now language dependent!
New: local thumb.htm is now possible. simply put a thumb.htm in the folder you like to display it. On the image page you can use image.txt for this purpose.
New: Topx - views can be shown like random image on an external page or included like a random image everywhere - check the updated howto 4!
New: TFU 2.7 completely integrated in TWG now - Edit of text files is available for registered users.
New: folder.png made out of topx ! Creating a folder.png on the fly! Works folderbased and recusive. External galleries are NOT supportet.
New: Clicking on the window outside the iframe closes the iframe.
New: You can now map albums if you move them - prevents dead links! check mapping.php in the main folder - usefull if you e.g. move your albums to e.g. an 2006 folder and have links somewhere you don't want to update!
New: If the available space is smaller than the space the iframe for the slideshow needs then the iframe is made smaller if not to break the layout in php include mode
New: move_error_images - Moves corrupt images to a specific folder is you specify one. you can automatically move images that throw an error to the folder your provide here! Makes it easy to find corrupt images people upload. The problem can be too big images, or corrupt images
New: Optimized TWG for large galleries - Test the gallery with 250 000 images! Problem: The Javascript tree gets so big that it takes 15 sec to render it (means 15 sec. is used by the browser itself!) - Therefor you should turn the album tree off it you have a speed problem!
New: Latest version (3.13) of the jw_flv_player is now included and fully supported.
New: Mouseover effect with folder.png - simply provide a folder2.png - this is used when you move the mouse over the folder.
New: Russian translation added.

Refactoring: All needed calls where checked if they where needed and they where optimized.
Refactoring: TWG does now track exaclty where to go if you press the up button or the breadcrumb - you land exactly at the page you came from - before you only got to the upper level independent at which page you have been before.
Refactoring: Read the file list was dupplicated 4 times - now extracted in one function
Refactoring: Create cacheimagestring : str_replace("/", "_", $twg_album); replaced ca. 20 times!
Refactoring: I merged the functions generaterandom and generatefullscreen because the differences where very small.
Refactoring: I have consolitated the use of the cachedir - this makes it now possible to store the images in the cache in md5 an not extermely long. This makes it possible to directly access the cache without encoding! I have removed $double_encode_urls for the cache because of this!
Refactoring: Better detection of corrupt xml files. Sometimes php has written bad xml files - I have improved the detection of errors and added some automatic fixes.

Fix: Only directories that have subdirs are serialized now (setting $serialize_dir_data=true) - before too many cache files where created that only had one entry and this was not really needed.
Fix: in dev13 I added "Clicking on the window outside the iframe closes the iframe" was closing too much - now it works fine ;)
Fix: Improved html to be as good as possible w3c conform - suring development of 1.7 some stuff was not correct
Fix: Added latest version of TFU 2.7 where a color bug was fixed.
Fix: Deletion of temp caches was only working once a day - not every precache_main_top_x_interval - now this works fine
Fix: using || as break in the title was shown in the slideshow - now it's shown as <br>
Fix: on funpic servers php_uname and exec is not allowed - this leaded to an error message on the info panel - I catch this error now and display a nicer message.
Fix: When using HTML_SIDE extra images where shown left and right - they are now not shown anymore.
Fix: New pager optimized for different backgrounds. Style sheet has changed a little bit ;)
Fix: FLV player had problems with IE - I added some extra variables. Now it seems to work fine.
Fix: During Upload with the Flash uploader and when autmatically generating the thumbnails not all functions where available. This is fixed now
Fix: During Upload the session was not refreshed always when needed - now it is.
Fix: Topx for external galleries does now work too ;).
Fix: Reading the language list was throwing a warning on some servers with strict security settings like on funpic.
Fix: TWG admin: top bottom selector was not loaded and therefore set back to default if not changed every time you saved. Now it works fine like the other switches ;).
Fix: The logging.gif was not centered in ie. Now it is ;)
Fix: Fullscreen flv player can be configured - either fullscreen or iframes over flv player. Both is not possible
Fix: Video pages with old vongi.php do now use dhtml again. Automatich video detection is only possible with html mode
Fix: When exta parameters like &s=photos (like in a CMS) was added this was a problem in the check the the detail popup - a download window was shown after 2 2nd image - the reason was that the internal JS test for the popup was checking if the url ends with an image extension. I rearanged the url - now everything works fine.
Fix: language files of TFU added - they where missing ;).
Fix: Random image was not working in dev 10 anmore because I added a security check - now this check works for random image as well.
Fix: Slideshow was not enabled because of the autodetection of videos - does now work again
Fix: Browser resolution was not sent in php include mode - now it works again.
Fix: Old xml files where not read properly sometimges because I switched all tags to upper chars - now old files are read properly too.
Fix: If the broser size could not be detected an error was thrown. This is now catched.
Fix: Stripos is only available in php 5 - I removed this function because I want that TWG still runs on 4.3.x - I made a small workaround for this ...
Fix: Remote images did not work anymore since dev 4 because the autorotation was reading exif and this does not work remote - is now fixed again.
Fix: Counter for remote images where broke sind dev 3 - Was because of the refactoring I did - now this works again.
Fix: The size of the open new window version is now stored seperately. The slideshows and the autodetection of thumbs do now work with both browser instances open
Fix: New/Better xml error handling. I do now parse corrupt xml string manually and fixes the problems I know and can handle by myself properly.
Fix: xml files are now tested random every 10th time. Makes sure that the gallery does not stop to work forever because of a corrupt xml.
Fix: php include - the open new window was not working anymore - this is fixed now + the full caching is now working for php include as well!
Fix: The maximized slideshow was not working properly for horizontal images (way too big). Now they are as good as they can be ;).
Fix: A couple of strings in the backend where not right - they are fixed now.
Fix: videos where always over iframes like the comments - now the wmmode is set to transparent - iframes are now over the flash players (flv, you tube, google ...)
Fix: Folder based watermarks where not working anymore - Now they are working properly again ;).
Fix: "Cannot modify header...header already sent.." - error message - happends when files are safed in UTF-8 with BOM - I have catched this output and discard it if it happens!
Fix: Left tree with \n in foldername.txt is now supported.
Fix: When using folderlink.txt this directory is now excluded in get_view_dirs because this does not make sense.
Fix: The counter is now backuped every time and if the counter is brocken (empty or 0) the backup is used.
Fix: Catched error messages if exif data for GPS could not be read properly.
Fix: Self registration is fixed now - I added one check too much ;).
Fix: Increased security at self registration. All input parameters are now checked for possible attacks.
Fix: Gray and fade effect was only working for 1st folder because of the folder2.png implementation. Now it's fine again.
Fix: A Message in the backend was not displayed completely - now it is.

TWG version 1.6.3 - 16.07.2007
Fix: Admin could not upload with the flash in the main directory (all other users and directories worked fine)
Fix: Some minor layout fixes
Fix: I 'optimized' some images in the admin - now they are not missing anymore ;).

TWG version 1.6.2 - 16.05.2007
New: Upload menu item is now shown on the thumbspage as well.
New: TFU 2.5.1 integrated - only minor changes here you should not notive inside TWG but check out the standalone version ;).
Fix: The check of the counter cache was bad - therefore it was actually deleted everytime! - I rewrote this part and now it works fine ;).
Fix: An additional | was shown in the menu when logging in with administrator rights
Fix: TWG Admin - uploadin into subdiretories was not possible if you used the TWGxploerer first and then the Flash uploader - an invalid directory was assigned.

TWG version 1.6.1 - 10.05.2007
New: I do now directly link to the .small images. This again decreases the server load and increases the speed. Additionally it makes it possible to use the gallery even when files returned by php are destroyed by the server encoding ;).
New: Images can now be in the main directory too! ;).
New: If you add banners or something like that on the thumbspage you can specify their height in the config - this optimized the autodetection of thumbs.
New: When using the twg flash Uploader the cache images are generated after the upload!
New: A loading icon is shown when the gallery is loading the first time!
Fix: The cache of the album tree was only language dependant - now it's password dependant too. Makes it better if a gallery is unlocked - the cache has not to be regenerated.
Fix: Some php versions do return a wrong PHP_SELF variable. This leads to a wrong album explorer cache. Now the cach is double checked. I check the cache itself and check if PHP_SELF exists.
Fix: The counter cache is tested now - If an error is detected it's refreshed.
Fix: I removed the preloader from the TWG Admin - it does not make sense there ;).
Fix: After editing a file the TWGXploer was not returning to the current directory (same for delete, edit, move ...) - The action parameter was not encoded properly!
Fix: The size of an image is added to the php header when returning.
Fix: German wording in the TWG Admin
Fix: Direct links where using notscrolling thumbstrip even when not needed - now this works too ;).

TWG version 1.6 - 15.04.2007
New: Optimized Ajax Call handling! Instead of sending 5 separate requests I have bundled them = less traffic = less server load (up to 80%) = much faster dhtml mode!
New: Optimized TopX and Search! All calls to thumbnails are now not using the image.php anymore! The cache images are used directly in a top 13 call this mean 12 times less php calls = 12 times less usage of server usage = much faster :)
New: Tag-support for images and folders. Top tags + search for tags!
New: Support for IPTC meta data. Can be viewed in the info + can be automatically added to tags and a captions!
New: Mixed content for images and videos in one folder in html modus!
New: Optimized dynamic background handling does now work without restrictions and without php call
New: Auto generate folder images for protected galleries if you like.
New: Integration of the FLV-player has to be registered separately if used commercially!
New: The thumb strip can be on top and bottom now!
New: Usage of dhtml mode even when the big navigation is turned of = much nicer ;).
New: Big last-next buttons are now Ajax calls to not reload anymore when you show them
New: Nicer design for the last-next buttons They are not that big anymore
New: TWG Admin is internationalized! You can translate the backend into your language if you like!
New: I check the number of lines in the license file now. Some error do occur when you use a license file with additional returns now you get a warning in the backend.
New: Direct support for .gif images if your gd-lib supports it TWG does too
New: Sorting of directories and folders are now in natural order means a and A are next to each other = much nicer
New: Cool album explorer on the left side! for quick navigation (bonus feature for registered users)
New: eolas patch for all flashes = no stupid activation border around flashes anymore!
New: Integration of wmp streams like web radio and video streams
New: Generate preview images for extra file types! (bonus feature for registered users) cache generation is not a bonus feature anymore!
New: Allowed HTML tags allow <b><br><br><u></u> to titles and comments
New: Select box for skins
New: Random image is now recursive if specified read the random image howto!
New: Short menu when login mean when you login existing menu items are only displayed with one
New: Albums tree does synchronize with current selection!
New: i_frames are completely reworked moo.fx library integrated for a cool slide in/fade out effect.
New: TWG Admin migrates with TWG login upload ... this is only one point but makes the whole app much more flexible if you have many users with different rights!
New: Height of iframes are only the basic panel the content does now have the border and therefore it is now quite language independent
New: 4 new rights: front end edit, front end upload, backend modify, administrator the last two can go to the backend he other two can do stuff in the front end edit + upload
New: Upload rights can be configures for every user: All functions, upload + delete of images, upload only!
New: Session Cache is deleted when uploading with the TWG Flash Uploader you see uploaded files right away even when the session cache is on!
New: $metadescription can be set for the gallery will be added as meta description in the header.
New: If you provide something at $metatags the default TWG metatags are not displayed anymore.
New: Left-right buttons are automatically displayed when a dynamic background image is used because the scroll bar does only
New: All debug (TFU Flash Uploader, TWG Admin and TWG) is now in one file: counter/_mydebug.out!
New: The most important settings from the admin can now be set in the normal config file there is a small new section ;).
New: Left right buttons are now Javascript calls too!
New: TWG is now completely UTF-8!
New: Support for Nintendo Wii Controller can be used to navigate!
New: Automatic generation of protected galleries preview images!
New: 1-day caching for counters and album tree - speeds up the gallery at the 1st call a lot!
New: Logging on login into TWG Admin (counter/_twg.log)
New: Sorting prefix for directories too - format: 001___
New: bbc code for e.g. blogs in the info iframe.
New: ads in the iframes from funpic are now closed automatically ;). I don't block them but close them after 5 sec - this is something that is not diallowed in their agb's ;).
Fix: Set focus to hide stupid blinking cursors optimized
Fix: On safari switching from horizontal to vertical leeds sometimes to stretched images fixed now!
Fix: Permanent rotation was not working for the lightbox and the popup original image was not rotated now it is but direct download has to be false!
Fix: I changed the lightbox script initialization in 1.5.4. But ie has a problem with this early initialization. I added a timeout and everything is fine now ... only registered users should update!
Fix: Removed all sorting prefixes from the title bar
Fix: $use_original_on_... was not using the original but the full screen image for small images this was quite bad! For big ones it saved bandwidth I changed it that is works better for small images now!
Fix: An & in the folder name and more then one page of subdirs in this folder lead to that the 1 | 2 | .. link were not working anymore.
Fix: In 1.5.5 I optimized the reading of topx and optimized too much: images with only images where not added to the topx this fix was already applied to the 1.5.5 from the 29.11.2006!
Fix: TWG-Admin you could not entry arrays with multiple entries in the free text field. I extended the check there!
Fix: Sorting by date reworked now it sorts much better because I use my own sorting method
Fix: If you have more than one overview page and you where selecting the 2nd then the gallery was always jumping to the 2nd one
Fix: Improved Javascript error messages!
Fix: Topx 1. image was too big
Fix: a | in the Topx was missing under some settings!
Fix: "New"-Icon had no link
Fix: Folder icon link was not wroking in IE7 but all other browsers. Now it does work in all browser.

TWG version 1.5.5 30.10.2006 22:00
New: New mp3 player fixed a couple of small issues and added looping and auto start into the flash not 2 flashes are needed anymore!
New: Latvian language added Thanks to Inita
Fix: WMP was not playing anymore because I added support for web radios and missed a = ;). Not it works again!
Fix: Safari: The Ajax image switch was not working properly when a vertical image and then a horizontal image was displayed the horizontal was stretched now I have implemented a workaround ;).
Fix: Safari: On the main page the albums collage was shown not as square but underneath each other when an album description is available (registered users only) not it is displayed like on any other system as nice square

TWG version 1.5.4 13.10.2006
New: $open_in_maximized_view = you can now open the image in the full screen mode if you click in the detail image
New: Support for web radios that have an Windows Media stream howto 34 will be extended at the weekend ;).
Fix: Storing xml in pictures dir was not working with the new caching mechanism now it does!
Fix: The full screen view was not showing the actual original image when clicking again on the image the image when full screen was opened is used.

TWG version 12.10.2006 10:00
New: You can now change the spacing and padding of the thumbs on the thumbs page in the config with $thumb_cellpadding,$thumb_cellspacing 0,0 makes one big pictures of thumbs :).
Fix: When subdirs and thumbs are shown on one page the auto calculation of thumbs was not optimal now its better when only one row of folders is shown.

TWG version 11.10.2006 10:00
New: I check the memory size when creating small images! if images don't appear I write a debug message to the debug file!
New: Enhancing the info with file size You can check the info about which resolution is most likely he maximum you should use.
New: I check the version of the config.php Too many people have problems because they copy old config.php's in the new install. Only use my_config.php for your changes.
Fix: umask() can throw an error message I cannot do anything about this therefore I suppress this message now!

1.5.3 08.10.2006 10:00
New: TWG Flash Uploader 2.0 integrated in TWG! Check the TFU site for details of the new features!
New: 'New' marker for galleries you can specify a period where folders that have new images are displayed either with another border on an image.
New: Offset of 1st level of overview is now stored if you go to page x of the overview you com back when using the up button not used when you use the path
New: Admin can now be opened in an new window or in the same window
New: Optimized xml reading/caching for TopX and searches! now even the left memory is taken into account! TWG max caches 50% of the memory to make sure the system is still working even with big galleries! Everyone with more than 10000 images and speed problems at the topx should update!
New: Support for skins in a sub directory. You can now define a skin for a folder!
Fix: Rating image was not shown because of the new security concept now it does work.
Fix: Deleting a comment was not working when using a cms system where extra parameters are added to the url. deleting worked in the layer but not when comment is shown below the image. 21.09.2006 10:00
Fix: An admin link was still shown when logged in in the front end. This is redundant because this functionality has moved to the TWG Admin and therefore I removed it here!
Fix: When closing an iframe with the esc button the focus didn't move back now it does ;).
Fix: Local mp3's where not played when the prefix like 001___ was used for sorting it was removed when looking for the file directly. Enhanced the faq as well!
Fix: Deleting of comments was not working when the cache was on now the cache is reloaded after a comment is deleted. 20.09.2006 10:00
Fix: The include navpath.inc.php was not included properly when some base dir restrictions are activated I added the path should now work on all systems.
Fix: Division by zero could happen when calculating an offset now not possible anymore
Fix: Some headers where set in the wrong order leads to an output in the debug file no affect to the gallery

TWG version 1.5.2 17.09.2006 10:00
New: imagettftext is checked before used because some people don't see images because they don't check their settings therefore I check better not to have a watermark then not to have any image ;).
New: Personal license is available means you can get a license and use this license for you own projects as often as you like.
New: Support for renamed PNG's you can now use PNG's if you rename them to jpg's images are bigger but looks nicer because no jpg artifacts do exist
New: Menu of the TWG Admin can be shown and hidden now gives more space e.g. in the color manager
Fix: Popup resize improved!
Fix: After the admin link was a | too much if login and admin link are not shown.
Fix: the default page that is loaded in the iframes is now a blank page and when closed the blank page is again loaded
Fix: The detection of the max upload limit in the TWG Admin was not reading values in k right (e.g. 1500k only 2m or 4m was working)
Fix: Password protected galleries jumped directly to the image the thumbs page was skipped now this works like it should!
Fix: when the random image path was wrong a file called 120 was created (was a simple jpg) in the main folder by mistake now this file is not created anymore.
Fix: Transparent skin was not completely transparent.
Fix: In the full screen control the language for 'Bild' was not internationalized was German all the time ;).

TWG version 1.5.1 03.09.2006
SECURITY FIX: .. is not allowed in parameters anymore used at twg_album you could list upper directories!
SECURITY FIX: Comments where not checked for Scripting attacks not it is titles as well! all tags are not allowed anymore! like <iframe> <script> ....
SECURITY FIX: http could be used at the twg_show parameter This is valid but could be used to link to something else than jpgs now this parameter checks if a valid jpg does exists!
New: Pre loading of xml in the background! speedup for TopX (loads now on systems with very much images much more likely (if someone opened the topx directly this does not help because cache is not build!))
New: Simple View in TWGXplorer All internal files that you normally don't need are hidden there! this is the default mode now!
New: TWG Admin simple view (Feature of 1.6 but released because of the security fix!)
New: New Menu in TWG Admin not the final version because it's planned for 1.6 This will change in the next build!
Fix: chmod when selecting only 1 element and then using the chmod function from the top menu was throwing a warning because a wrong index was used now it works properly.
Fix: TWG Admin saving of configuration with invalid values improved entering " does not allow to save the config!

TWG version 17.08.2006
Please note: You can only update single files from to because I have introduced a check in all included files! If you have 1.5 you have to upload all main php files!
New: If you came from TWG the logout button does now brings you back to TWG not to the login screen anymore If you directly go to the login in screen you return to the screen! (update admin/inc/login.php)
New: admin is not opened in new window anymore because you come back to TWG after logout (update inc/topnavigation.inc.php)
New: $maximum_transations_per_session you can limit the number of transactions per session this is a security feature to avoid too much traffic e.g. done by a robot The limit is currently set to 1000 pages (=images) you view!
Fix: Thumbnails in admin where not shown if you are not admin but a user with e.g. only access to the pictures dir. Now this works for all users (update admin/inc/fun_extra.php)
Fix: Generating cache was trying o generate images that are not needed (update filefunctions.inc.php)
Fix: Installer was keeping the language files for update this is a problem because 1.5 has much less default languages then 1.4.2
Fix: Bulgarian language file updated!
Fix: Installer was missing the mp3 php file (twg_audiolist.php)

TWG version 15.08.2006
SECURITY FIX: image.php and image2.php are not protected against improper use! Delete the examples folder of older installations to fix this. This installation fixes this! The example folder is now protected.
New: root.txt was changed to create something like independent galleries check the updated how to
New: Lightbox script does now center the images!
New: Memory optimization! src image is released right after the resize not at the end of the process anymore! but you still need twice the memory!
New: Full caching of XML reading!
New: New demo album with test images!

Fix: The foldername.txt was not evaluated when the i_frame private galleries was opened.
Fix: footer.htm was not included anymore because of my refractoring does now work ;).
Fix: $remove_x_chars_from_filename was not working properly now it does ;).
Fix: folder names are converted in html entities only the ones that are read from the file system! I still recommend to use album names without special characters and use foldername.txt to rename the displayname!
Fix: removed the all error display it's now commented in the filefunctions.inc.php if you need more errors simply un comment it!

08.08.2006 -v1.5
New: Video embedding for WMP, Divx Player, Google video, youtube, dailymotion read the big how to what is best for your videos!
New: TWG Upload Flash !!! Upload files like with an upload applet but 98% would be able to use it!
New: Better error handling xml files
New: Enhanced XSS detection!
New: Added enhanced debug to xml file I use this if problems with xml files happen if you have strange behavior with xml please contact me for instructions how to debug!
New: config.php for every folder makes if possible to have different backgrounds for different folders and to define the right background for the slide show!
New: Added $enable_random_image_caching to config. If you have enough space you can cache the generated random images too. Makes them show faster!
New: When only one image is present clicking closes the image in the lighbox. Added this feature for IE!
New: $show_twg_logo_if_registered you can enable the twg logo even when you are registered if you want to give me a little bit credit.
New: Moved debug file to counter dir (because xml could be removed sometimes!)
New: Optimized preload on the thumbs page
New: Optimized preload of dhtml version (and fix of the existing html) preload function on the image page
New: Optimized random image: every image from a folder has to be shown once! The random is always picked from the remaining set!
New: Uninstall script
New: Dynamic umask depending on your system a different umask is set important for systems with savemode!
New: For registered users: Generate all cache images! Javascript loop otherwise it would kill the server :).
New: For registered users: An overview over the pictures folder (all folders, number of images, size)
New: If the debug if is > 100k you get a warning in the TWG Admin!
New: XML handling was completely reworked you can now move xml files to the subdirectories (by switch!)
New: Error while reading of XML happens most of the time because of concurrent use. Now we try 2 times before we start the error routine!
New: Auto skip thumbnail page
New: Auto detect if no scrolling is needed for thumbs ($autodetect_noscoll)
New: new cmotiongallery style not scrolling just jumping to the clicked image looks like the html soltion with the advantages of the dhtml solution if dynamic background is used this is default because in this mode the scrolling does not work good
New: Slovak translation add! Thanks to Roman Korcek
New: Search for Folders !
New: Search for x latest upload!
New: If you only have one hit at the search you can directly jump to this hit!
New: Different size for big navigation!
New: Extra info which extra files are installed for which folder bonus for registered users ;)
New: I exchanged the font from tahoma to verdana because it looks the same and is ~ 100k smaller!
New: Speedtest can have a smliy icon if the bandwith is very high only visual effect no functionallity behind this.
New: Extended TWG admin with another few settings.
New: Remote images can not be read from a "images page" where only hrefs with full links to images are stored This makes it possible to collect images from all over the world!
New: Bulgarian language file! Thanks to Valery
New: Show subscribers in the Admin email panel!

Fix: Colage was shown in one long row if browser windows was too small now it's shown as it should as square
Fix: Ecoding of images was done to often sometimes Therefore the cache images ware not used correctly on all systems! TWG is now even faster!
Fix: Info does not working properly when php include was set
Fix: php include and lightbox was not working properly! Images were not shown and therefore the whole thing not working.
Fix: Rating icon where not properly exchanged with php include
Fix: Opera 9 was not handling login and private password correct (took about 15 sec) I implemented a workaround for this issue!
Fix: When using admin email the link was wrong when using php include this cannot be done better but I added to the faq that you have to insert the text manually ;)
Fix: The info of remote images where not show correctly if a space was in the album name. Now this is fixed.
Fix: When the counter is of a pointer was still shown in the table cell now the pointer is set back to auto!
Fix: The title was not changed on the image page in dtml mode when using the lighbox script!
Fix: Added thumbs height and width if $show_clipped_images is true for the image.php call too this was already implemented for cached images!
Fix: Timezone was set fix to 'Europe/Berlin' can now be set in config. For available timezones see http://www.dynamicwebpages.de/php/timezones.php
Fix: Random module for Joomla was not centering in all browser now it does!
Fix: Invalid album names don't create a ghost xml file anymore
Fix: || as new line in tiles did only work for direct calls when using the dhtml navigation this was not exchanged now it is ;).
Fix: The translator was not shown nicly next to the logo now it does.
Fix: Info for other file formatis is now shown properly where present not for the preview images anymore
Fix: Error ".include/fun_list.php, line 482: Undefined index: tar" fixed in admin
Fix: During image creation some memory was alocated longer as necessary changing this lead to less memory usage when using watermark on originals and rotation
Fix: File name was not used properly for download when watermark was displayed on original
Fix: Added detection of TWG album description in TWGXplorer
Fix: Added detection of TWG xml files in TWGXplorer
Fix: Stop of slideshow was not working properly on some systems with php include.
Fix: Optimized browser detection
Fix: Autoresize background was not working in IE properly!
Fix: Reworked the Topx for remote images was only working with "simple" filenames
Fix: reworked encoding for comments and for the text in the browser title!
Fix: show_captions was not included in the slideshows! now disabling the captions disable it in the slideshow too!
Fix: Copy in TWG Admin was not working when a ' ws in the album name really old bug still from the Joomlaxplorer!
Fix: root.txt was working differently in main folder and subfolder now it it working the same. Read the howto 21 for more details!
Fix: When saving a comment link was missing &twg_standalone=true if pressent!

New: Lighbox script is included in TWG! Thanks to Lokesh Dhakar for this nice script. this is a bonus feature for registered users.
New: Caption can be shown on the thumbs page $show_caption_on_thumbs
New: New rating buttons the old ones are in the rate_old folder in the buttons folder if you like the old ones just copy them back to the buttons folder
Fix: Portugese translation updated
Fix: Subscribe for "newsletter" was only possible with login = true now it only depagned on the show_email flag!
Fix: Port was not added to the url of the email notifiction when a comment or a rating was entered.
Fix: Security fix because of scipts that could be executed when using in request. for details see http://secunia.com/advisories/19660/
Fix: Did some code optimizations and removed some warnings when utf-8 ist used!
New: album.txt left/right album description see howto 32 this is a small feature for registerd users only ;).
New: root.txt for the main folder see howto 21
Fix: ie had a problem with ordner.gif when displyed in a span. The link was displayed but now working is fixed now!
Fix: Some combinations of menu entries had wrong | now all are fine.
Fix: Automatical removal in the backend works now too properly!
New: Automatic removal of the twg logo at the bottom and the ads in the backend if you store the licence file in the main directory
New: if crtl is pressed the keyboard navigation is disabled for 2 sec because then crtl c can be used!
New: Added some more help text in the TWG Admin
New: Javascript checks the configuation in the TWG Admin to make entering values there more save!
Fix: IMPORTANT: TWG Admin could kill the my_config.php if "" where entered in the optional field if magic quotes are off!
Fix: Added Parameter $iframe_height_ie for iframe include mode!
Fix: I changed the error message when TWG Admin is installed in the root on some systems this lead to an error!

08.5.2006 v 1.4.1
New: TWG Admin configuration of my_config.php!
New: TWG Admin Style sheet from the Color Manager can be saved as my_style.css
New: New switch $disable_direct_thumbs_access in the config.php you can disable the usage of direct cache images this is usefull if you have protected galleries and don't want anyone to get the images from the cache if he knows the name! The opimized slideshow is disabled if you set this to true!
New: Installer with preinstall check and safemode detection check the new readme!!
New: Popup for random image please see he how-to for a random image for details!
New: Support for removing the powered by TWG for people who don't like this you have to make a small donation or something like that to get the licence!
New: TWG admin upload error messages extended! there is now a new error if the error code is 6 = missing temp directory!
New: check for images with size 0 they are now ignored!
New: Rearanged TWG Admin menu If default admin password is used it jumps to the change password page right away.
New: Registration of TWG is now possible. You can remove the TWG link at the bottom then!
New: Enhanced keyboard navigation e.g. c open comments ... see the user help page for all shortcuts!
New: Focus on the input field if you open an iframe like comments
New: Simplified Chinese translation! Thanks to George Ren
New: Czech translation finished Thanks to Martin Papula
New: Other file formats can be opend on thumbs page!

Fix: The links in top x (vote, comments .) where not extended by extra parameters like the ones added by a cms.
Fix: when creating a zip file in TWG Admin it was not possible to download it right away now you can. There where some error message related to this which are gone now too!
Fix: Color Manager was usering the hover color for visited now the link color is used!
Fix: Folder name caching was only for one language now for all.
Fix: $sort_by_date was not working on all systems if the exif data could be read by php itself!
Fix: external zib library had errors fixed now!
New: Update of the Dutch translation Thanks to Daniel
New: TWG admin: colorpicker and info can only be accessed by admins!
New: Support for greek Thanks to John for the new language file (utf-8 support for language files save them im utf-8 and define $charset = "UTF-8"; in the language file!)
New: Enhanced info.php
New: Enhanced captcha security images no box around images anymore! images are now rotated as well
Fix: Missing translation in the english language file
Fix: A | was missing in the top 13 if you disabled views and downloads
Fix: Include with image.txt was not using $image as described. Now you can use it like you can see in the example folder!
Fix: IMPORTANT: When using TWG with php include the iframes where scalled too big because of a bug in IE!
Fix: Js error when using php include update js/twg_image.js
Fix: Reload on some systems when using php include update index.php
Fix: Admin link was not working properly when using php include update inc/topnavigation.inc.php
Fix: twg_xhconn.js was included twice.
Fix: Layout in fullscreen mode was not correct if image.txt and mode side was used. update inc/image.inc.php
Fix: Fullscreen was not wroking properly when image.txt and image2.txt was used! update inc/image.inc.php
Fix: TWG admin created folder instead of files!
Fix: Reworked the example_php_include.php
Fix: Removed debug code from i_kommentar.php update i_frames/i_kommentar.php
New: If an error in an xml files does occur the file is backuped and a new files is used now TWG does still work if this problem occurs check the xml folder once a while for this backup files!
Fix: $background_default_image was only used if $use_dynamic_background was true. Not is works all the time! update index.php
Fix: User managenent was not working under 5.1.x update admin/.include/fun_users.php
Fix: The popup window shows a debug information and does not continue afterwards. update i_frames/i_popup.php
Fix: A small new feature: if direct download was not enabled the file name when saving the file was image.php now it is o.k. update inc/imagefunctions.inc.php

04.03.2006 v1.4
New: TWG admin backend
New: Support for non jpeg formats like avi, mpg, mp3 ... you have to provide a preview jpeg I render a nice watermark image on this preview (like a play symbol) check the how-to's and the $other_file_formats parameter!
New: 3 different effects of the 1st page: switch of image, fade (ie and ff), and a gray effect (ie) check the $folder_effect parameter!
New: Logout of private galleries by clicking on the open lock symbol.
New: Open download in popup a image is shown in original size in a optimized popup (resize to the size or if image > resolution to the max. resolution) click on image closes popup
New: Option to hide the captions menu entry login is now possible without this menu entry.
New: The bandwith icon is only shown if bandwidth test is activated.
New: Special iframe mode for ie ie needs another doctype if included in a iframe to hide the scrollbar completely this had some issues with the layout which I fixed The difference of the two modi are minimal hovering on the thumbspage does not work anymore (read how-to 27 for more details) the not iframe mode looks the same on all resolutions the ie iframe mode shows the tips not at the bottom but a little bit above This can be aranged with the ie stylesheet if you have a fixed layout !
New: TWG goes php 5.1.x some functions where rewritten and behave differently TWG was changed to work with this newer version too!
New: my_config.php for your config settings!
New: New big Navigation : HTML SIDE shows pictures left and right to the image! Special mode for 8 images! read the how-to 29
New: Interated bandwith test no test screen is shown before if you set $test_connection_background to true But the 1time the Gallery is loaded in high bandwith mode the test results can only be used after the 2nd request!
New: The Search was cutting of the albums names after a fixed length now it is searching for spaces to make the cut nicer!
New: You can disable the Comments display in the menu but it is still available below the picture
New: if you use a || in the caption a new line is created!
New: Some server allow to increase the memory limit if you have problem with the memory read $try_to_increase_memory_limit_to_32MB
New: image.txt can be shown before, next and below the image and can have php code as well! read the how-to 28!
New: No cache display if the cache is off this is shown on the right bottom with a nice error text
New: foldername.txt is used fpr the display at saerches as well!
New: Ignore list for directories you can e.g. ignore all CVS directories!

New: New skin "admin"
New: Internal caching of foldername.txt
Fix: Opera, dynamic background and the cmotion gallery was too slow disabled now for Opera the other Browser were very slow I made a workaround here to increase the speed.
Fix: Some php versions and security settings made problems when writing the cache. Found a workaround for this ;).
Fix: Some minor layout stuff.
Fix: If you open the gallery in a new window the border and the big navigation is shown automatically if you go back to the normal windows this settings are there too. Now this settings for the main window stay like they are if the settings are not changed in the new window.
Fix: If you where using really big menus (like 200x200) on the 1.st page the text was not centered
Fix: When you did a direct access to the images the default mode was HTML now the realy mod is used
Fix: Wrong parameters where creating dummy xml files now the names are checked before
Fix: Rework the skip thumbnail page path and backbutton is now optimized
Fix: albmms with an ' where not working properly!
Fix: If you where not using the automatic detection how may thumbs where shown and where using a very big y then always the space for this amount was reserved now its calculated
Fix: Text for entering a caption changed not for all languages yet!
Fix: Subalbums are only shown once if a 2nd page of images do exist in a directory!
Fix: Spaces in direct download where not encoded properly! I encoded some characters like ().. as well
Fix: Some skins where not 100% in ie!

For a update from 1.3 to 1.4 I recommend to store your config.php and your my_style.css in a save place. Delete the pictures folder from the download and replace all files in the TWG folder. Then copy the my_style.css back to the TWG directory. TWG 1.4 does include a 2nd config file called my_config.php I recommend to put your changes to the default config into this directory. This makes it easier for you if you want to migrate to any new version because cou only have to copy one file and not to merge two big config's! the config_demo folder has the two my_config.php's for the two demo galleries!

25.11.2005 v1.3c
New: Font detection: TWG does now scale the iframes if you increase the font size! Use FF to see this effect (update style.css, index.php and add inc/fixfont.inc.php). Page has to be reloaded after the change because this info has to go to the server with xmlhttp.
New: Skins (check config.php)
New: Dynamic backgrounds! (update index.php)
New: Enable/disable the border around the images on the overview page ($hidemenuborder=false to the config.php and index.php)
New: Added modules for Joomla (http://www.joomla.de) better known as Mambo!
Fix: Changed the default value of the language div from 605 to 200 if TWG is very small you get an ugly scrollbar without any reason (update all language files)
Fix: Top x was showing onln thumbnails_y -2 rows and not the top x number of images now at least the Topx number is shown (most of the time a couple more because I fill the last line with images) (update inc/index.inc.php)
Fix: Remote images where not showing exif but an error was thrown is now displayed properly (update i_info.php)
Fix: Optimized and maximized slideshow where not working if the caption had a smilie (update inc/filefunctions.inc.php and iframe/iframe.css)
Fix: Random image size was using the size as height now is is used for height and width! (image.php and inc/imagefunctions.inc.php)
Fix: Rating was not centered in ff when shown below the navigation! (update inc/rating.inc.php).
Fix: If a folder name contains a <br /> the images were centered now it is adjusted to the top that looks nicer! (update style.css)

For a update from 1.3b to 1.3c replace (I recommend to do a full update like described below!):

For a update from 1.3 to 1.3c I recommend to store your config.php and your my_style.css. Delete the pictures folder the config.php and the my_style.css from the download and replace all files in the TWG folder. All comments, counter and titles will be fine. Remove the old color section in the config.php with the new Skins section and add $hidemenuborder=false to the config.php

03.11.2005 v1.3b
Fix: removed unneccessary <center> tags!
Fix: stopping the slideshow was not working properly depending how the gallery was started! (update index.php and inc/mysession.inc.php)
Fix: javascript error apperad when running twg in a frame automatic closing of iframe was then not working es expected update inc/topnavigation.inc.php, inc/index.inc.php and js/twg_image.js
Fix: changed the fontsetting for the title in an extra css style (update inc/index.inc.php and style.css)
Fix: When two instances of TWG where runnung on the same server and even the session prefix was set correctly one variable was not set properly now it is (update inc/mysession.inc.php)
Fix: Smilies where not shown correctly if $show_topx_search_details were false the are now hidden! (update inc/index.inc.php)
Fix: Optimized position of counter div

For a update from 1.3a to 1.3b replace:

For a update from 1.3 to 1.3b I recommend to store your config.php and your my_style.css. Delete the pictures folder the config.php and the my_style.css from the download and replace all files in the TWG folder. All comments, counter and titles will be fine.

25.10.2005 v1.3a
New: Exif data is displayed in the info panel. Thanks to Chris for his support!
New: The info Panel does not hide automatically anymore but is updated if you select a new image.
New: French translation is up to date Thanks to Sophana
Fix: If you where using smaller images than the small pic size the slideshow was resizing anyway now not anymore
Fix: Funpic was adding ads even in the iframes. I preload a iframe where he ad is most likely shown and therefore hidden
Fix: Stopping the gallery was going toa wrong image if it was containing special characters
Fix: When updating from 1.2 to 1.3 The timestamp of the comments changed. TWG can now read old comment files properly

08.10.2005 v1.3
New: You can turn on/off a download counter. The count is shown in the info.
New: File info: shows views / download / rating / resolution / date / file name
New: Better display of the comments in the layer keeps the layout nicer if integrated
New: Counter for comments user can see how many are already entered
New: Topx for views, downloads, rating, comments (2 different views)
New: Rating with reload detection, security image and integration in 3 diffeerent places
New: Keyboard navigation up is available now.
New: 3 and 5 images in the thumbnail strip are supported now (5 was default before)
New: Removed adjustment pixel from bottom table if someone removes this all measurements for max. views are still working.
New: Random image with more than 1 album Albums are seperated by |
New: Download of a whole directory in a single zip. zip has to be provided by the gallery administrator
New: Fullscreen modus with layered control panel and slideshow fast internet connection is recommended
New: Remote picture directories (htp:// somewhere where it can be listed!) fsocksopen has to be available (funpic.de has disabled this)
New: Jump to website not to root of gallery can be defined root.txt
New: Individual background image for each folder can be defined.
New: Detection if Javascript is turned off -> TWG does hide everything that work only with Javascript!
New: All images are now transparent if you use a background where this does not fit you have to make your own.
New: Individual Metatags
New: Notification emails when comments or ratings where entered
New: Sort album by date
New: Support for Safari and Opera 8
New: Search for captions, comments, file names
New: Lots of small stuff I don't remember anymore ;)
Fix: some small layout the users reported (already included in the latest 1.2 download!) see the forum->bugs section for details
Fix: counter.png was moved to cachedir! counter direcory can be made unaccessable from outside now.

01.08.2005 v1.2
New: Dynamic iframes all iframes are dynamically changed to the right size (language dependent!) before only two sizes where available.
New: Integration in existing php sites is now possible all generated calls are adopted to the calling php file + parameters from the main page are added to all urls see the how-to section for more details.
New: Group of the config.php! There are now many options that are related to each other twg can now be configured much easier.
New: Email notification people should be able to register with their email and then get a mail if the admin wants to inform them pretty simple register and unregister + small panel where the admin can write a message! emails are stored encrypted if you like!
New: Even more w3c conform I reworked all pages and removed some html 4/xhtml mixes of the code
New: The speedtest is now integrated no need anymore to call a optimize php like before. See > $test_client_connection
New: Rename of the url parameter! All twg parameter start with twg_. This was needed to make twg integratable into all other pages and frameworks
New: Reload stop for view counter. Pressing reload of the browser does not lead to another view count.
New: enable/disable of login/options/new window/counter/ ... Almost everything can now be switched on/off.
New: New switches for browser title, show_border, maxXSize (for panorama images), autodetect_filenames_as_captions_number,show only small navigation, comment_corner_backcolor ... check the config.php for a complete list
New: Cool counter history ;) hover over the user counter to check it out.
New: twg internal structure change (check the directory lots of files moved where they really belong !).
New: $double_encode_urls for Ed ;).
New: Random image on the overview page can be enabled. Go to the main page and just press reload.
New: Random image on a non twg page which links into twg. See Demo 2 how it sook and thw how-to how to do it.
New: New language selector nice dropdown with the flags
New: Automatic detection of max. thumbnais that can be showed in the thumbnailview.
New: Sub header for galleries. Put a file named folder.txt in a folder and put a description of the folder in there. The text will be displayed below the directory name.
New: Maximized view of the detail images this images are created on the fly and are most of the time much bigger than the 'normal' ones Therefore this setting should only be used if you have a fast connection.
New: Preload of the next detail image (was done before if the big navigation was displayed is now even done for the maximized view ;))
New: A header and a footer can be added to TWG use header.htm or footer.htm to include your won header footer twg is inserting your html into an existing <tr><td>your text</td></tr>. Because of the layouting this is needed!
New: On the detailpage there is an last / first button can be turned on/off in the config.php!
New: Renamed XHConn.js to xhconn.js some users had problems when transfering a file with big characters
New: Enter comment button below the image can be turned on.
New: Maximize on "new window" can be enabled!
New: Changed folder.gif to folder.png looks better and enables gif support later!
New: Encoded passwords use the password.php to create passwords
New: Mulitiline password. More than one password for one gallery
New: Folder name as file not from directoryname foldername.txt now folder can be sorted how someone likes :)
New: Direct link to protected galleries!! twg_private_login check the how-to
New: Caching of reading directories and images added!
New: If you move the mouse over the detail image cmotion gal does center now.
New: The slideshow coutner is now gone I use the existing display in the left upper corner.
New: view counter and comments are turned off during slideshow
New: you can use a file private.png in a folder which is used instead the global private.gif if a folder is password protected.
New: overview.htm like the header.html and footer.html see how-to 3
New: folder name and folder description are now langauge dependent use e.g. folder_de.txt for the german text
New: Individual watermarks for directory. text + image see the watermark how-to.
New: smilies in comments and captions. See the smilies how-to.
Fix: When a pictures was deleted it was still linked on the Top X page.
Fix: Added additional checks of an admin is logged in before it was possible to delete komments if you know the url structure of twg this is now closed everywhere where you need admin rights ;)
Fix: iframe is now by default outside the browser. Sometimes ff was showing some errors.
Fix: Not all images were transparent ... all where ist makes sense are changed now only the left right and rotation buttons should be changed if the e.g. black is used a background
Fix: On some Systems special characters were displayed wrong all special characters are now replaced the html representation!
Fix: When a pictures was deleted it was still linked on the Top X page.
Fix: Added additional checks of an admin is logged in before it was possible to delete comments if you know the url structure of twg this is now closed everywhere where you need admin rights ;)
Fix: '+' was a character which could not be used in TWG now t can
Fix: The 'back to the overview' button was sometimes not jumping back to the right thumbnail page when subdirectories where used.
Fix: if you don't have any hits on the Top X page you get a nice message displayed.

09.05.2005 v1.1.2
New: Optimization of the cache. Unused images are deleted after a specified time $cache_time in config.php
New: Sorting by date (time taken (exif) or file time) or filename ascending or descending
New: Full support of Opera 8
New: Bottom text is now gray (check the sylesheet if you want to change the color of some elements td.bottomtableside (the help area) is a good example because you have to change the text color + the link colors)
New: If only one language is present no flag is shown anymore. Default langauge has to be set to this language!
New: Spanish and portuguese language file Thanks to Jorge Redondo and Pedro
New: The debug file can now be specified in the config.php. Some systems do not allow php to write in the main directory. You can move the location now e.g. to the cache folder.
Fix: Enable/disable IE optimization for the cmotion gallery Sometimes the preview images below the big images do not appear if this happen you can set the parameter enable_optimize_cmotion_gallery_limit_ie to false
Fix: The background color in the crossover twg_slideshow of the number and the caption was set to white in html. Now the background defined in the stylesheet is used.
Fix: Some php installations didn't encode the html characters correctly when using xmlHttp is now done by TWG
Fix: It was not possible to login private galleries. There was a typo in the session variable to check if the login was correct!
Fix: I used a HTML Validator (Tidy) to check all pages of TWG and make them W3C conform. There were lots of small bugs (e.g. missing closing tag) which the browsers fixed automatic. All incorrect code is gone now!
Fix: The crossover twg_slideshow showed a error message if the file could not be loaded on time I modified the script a little bit that this should work much better now!

02.05.2005 v1.1.1
New: cmotion gallery is centered now when using keyboard navigation.
New: The crossover slide show is using the flag $use_small_pic_size_as_height as well.
New: $enable_optimize_cmotion_gallery_limit_ie: There is an optimization for IE for the cmotion gallery. If there are images missing in the cmotion gallery: Set this value to false. All cmotion images are loaded than at the beginning (takes longer until you can use the cmotion gallery).
New: TWG can be used without cookies. Please read the FAQ for the settings of the server!
Fix: $twg_slideshow_time was missing in the config.php.
Fix: The language file from norway had a wrong variable.

28.04.2005 v1.1
New: integration of the cmotion gallery = complete DTML navigation on the details page. Works for IE and FF. Opera 7.x has a fallback szenario because no xmlHTTP is available (v8.0 will be tested soon).
New: usage of xmlHTTP for background loading no reloading of the details page anymore with the DHTML navigation.
New: maximized twg_slideshow modus (and optimization of the existing ones)
New: Prev Next on the main page (like on the thumbnail page)
New: Top XX does now work for subdirectories as well
New: Testing of the connection speed and optimizing the gallery for slow connections. Start the gallery with index.htm (index_optimize.php) instead iof index.php
New: Optimized caching only php calls where it is absolutely needed!
New: Rotation information is stored in .rot files in the cache If you did rotation in 1.05 and deleted the images from the cache the rotation was lost. Now this info is stored in the .rot files (they are in the cache as well don't delete them if you want to keep the rotation)
New: Text on images You can specify a text which are printed on your images to protect (or at least mark them) can be enabled on downloads as well!
New: watermarks you can specify a image (jpg or png png looks better!) which is shown as watermark. You can specify the transparency, image, and position of the watermark.
New: The caption is shown in the title of the Browser
New: 3 more languages Finish, Kroatian and Swiss-german :). Thanks to Vesa Alho, Hrvoje Znaor and A.Bader
New: Support for clipped images (all thumbnails have the same size where width=height) show_clipped_images
New: Rotation can be disabled show_rotation_buttons
New: The big left-right buttons can be disabled on the detailsview
New: Autodetection of filenames can be turned on/off autodetect_filenames_as_captions
New: download of original images can be enabled/disabled
New: Direct link to original images can be turned on/off see restricions of filenames!
New: Size of "new window" can be set.
New: Vertical images can be shown in the same heigth as horizonal ones verical images are smaller than but this gives a nicer navigation and layout on the details page
New: The size of the white corner, when a image has an comment can be set.
New: Detection if Javascript is enabled you can still use TWG but withou entering comments and captions.
New: Better tooltips for the flags. Just create a file named "language_<lang>.txt" in den language folder and put the description in there.
New: All cookies are removed and the settings are now stored in the session. You can define the settings with an url parameter
Fix: Captions and titles wre not working correctly when a filename contained special characters like ' or &.

04.04.2005 v1.05
New: Catching the left and right arrow on the keyboard and use them for navigation. Just try them on the thumbnail and detail view
New: Better script for the transition included works now for Mozilla as well ;). If you have problems with this twg_slideshow you can use the previous version. Replace the i_slideshowie.php with the i_slideshowie_old_ok.php.
New: Overview of the top viewed images language files where extended as well please make sure to use the actual version if you want to provide a new language.
New: Inserted translator next to powered by ...
New: Optimized caching! caching works directly (no call of php that returns the cached image) now for images where the cache name can be inserted directly into the src of the image tag (e.g abcd.jpg works, as&b.jpg caches via a php call.)
New: Added languages: turkish, italian and dutch. Thanks to
New: Renamed the iframes to i_<name> for better overview
New: Added nicer navibuttons if you like the old ones -> buttons/navigation 1.04
New: Cleaned up code lots of stuff from changes where not really nice
New: Added an example html how to integrate TinyWebGallery into an existing layout!! see "include_example.htm" in the main directory of the main page.
New: enable/disable download of original files up to version v1.04 you could always download the original files by clicking on the detail image this can be turned on/off now in v1.06 there will be even a protection to download the detail images.
Fix: Link to help page!
Fix: Not optimized twg_slideshow was showing the caption not properly
Fix: Optimized twg_slideshow was not showing the caption on some systems Thanks to Jens for helping me debuging on his system.
Fix: Fixed problem in entering titles when the filename had an character that had to be urlencoded!

23.03.2005 v1.04
New: Support for more than one directory level for the images If a directory does only contain subdirectories a folder symbol is displayed. If you copy a gif-image named 'folder.gif' into his directory, this images is used as gallery image. The number of images in a directory does now contain all images including subdirectories.
New: Language files for Swedish, Danish and French. Thanks to Jens Henrik, Magnus Lewin and A. Bader. Please send new language files to my email address. Thank you.
New: Added foreward and backward arrows on the thumbnail pages. The arrows are inlcuded in the language files and can be replaced with text if someone likes this better.
New: It's now possible to skip the thumbnail pages (config.php)
New: The image of the galleryoverview can now be the 1st image or a collage of the first four images (config.php)
New: The background of the twg_slideshow images can now be configured (config.php).
New: A 'views' counter is available on he right upper corner. This can be turned on/off in the config.php. A top 10 is planned for version 1.05.
New: Parts of the website are now included as documentation in the download.
New: The sorting order of the galleries can be changed (config.php)
Fix: Some text wasn't translated. Please update your local language files.
Fix: There were different email addresses on the website. It's now only one.
Fix: The rotation of the images was described the other way around.
Fix: Changed the translation from 'title' to 'caption'.
Fix: The images in the detailview wasn't centered with Opera.
Fix: The twg_slideshow wasn't using the twg_rotd images in the optimized version.
Fix: Images that where smaller as the viewing size weren't twg_rotd permanently.

07.03.2005 v1.03
New: The stylesheet is documented now. The gallery can now easily adapted to your needs. Some settings for centering the images are still in the code because Internet Explorer is ignorring the css setting.
New: Extension of the installation web page.

03.03.2005 v1.02
New: Addes some pictures to the download zip make verification of installation easier.
New: Link page added for the english version.
Fix: fixed the about link of the German version.
Fix: reading xml of the image description failed sometimes.
Fix: details view: horizontal thumbnail images are now centered under IE as well when they are between the marks.

02.03.2005 v1.01
New: Extension of the website
New: Detection of the prefered browser language the default language is set to this value.
Fix: Gallery could not be installed in the root directory of the web server (security exception) Please update if you have this problem.

24.02.2005 1. Release