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Since TWG 1.8 all extra skins can be found on this page. Howto 25 explains how to create your own skin. The skins you find here have next to a style sheet (.css ) also a php file where special settings fron the config are stored. They overwrite default setting! Please be aware of this if you use skins.

Colormanager: TWG has a Colormanager in the administration to create skins. Click on the color you like (transparent is a color too) and click into the area of the gallery you want to change. Then you can save your settings as a style sheet (my_style.css). If you only save the style sheet make sure not to select a skin in the administration because this would overwrite your settings. This css can be used as base of your own skin!

Installation: Extract all files from the zip into the 'skins' folder. You can select the new skin then in the dropdown of the administration or enter it directly into my_config.php.

Screenshots - Click to enlarge
Php photo gallery green skin example
An easy skin with a dark green border and a light green main area.
Php photo gallery winter skin example
This skin is based on the transparent skin and uses a background image which can be easily exchanged.
New York
Php photo gallery new york skin example
This skin has a lot of blue and a background image of new york which you can be exchaged really easy by your own one. This skin does not support round corners!


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