TinyWebGallery Help

 Keyboard navigation

You can navigate on all pages with the arrow keys (left, right). The back and forward functionality is really nice on the details page. It is the fastest way to navigate!

Depending on which page you are you can directly open the menu items with the keyboard (since 1.4.1):

  • t = Title (Caption)
  • c = Comment
  • i = Info
  • o = Options
  • l = Login
  • s = Search
  • esc = close the current menu point

 High and low bandwidth setting

TinyWebGallery can check the speed of your internet connection. The result of the measurement is shown next to the help link:

  • You have a fast internet connection and TWG uses the normal settings
  • You don't have a fast internet connection. The administrator can make some settings to let you show the gallery better .e.g. less thumbnails on a page, higher image compression, no default big navigation on the details page ...

If you click on the icon the speed test is done again and all short time caches of TWG are refreshed.

 Private galleries

Private galleries need a password to be viewed. After entering the correct password, all galleries with this password are unlocked. The password for the galleries are not the same as the password for the 'login' of the menu. If you want to login there you have to ask your administrator for the password (see 'login' to see what you can do after a login).


  • starts the slideshow at the actual image. You can select the speed of the slideshow under options. The selection of the slideshow speed is used at the next start of the slideshow.
    There are true variations of the slideshow available. You can select it under options. The optimized version is preloading the images and makes a nice transitions. You need a fast connection for this version. An alert is shown if the connection is too slow. If his happens more often please stop the slideshow and switch to the not optimized version. The maximized version detects the size of your browser and views the images as big as possible.
  • stops the slideshow and jumps to the last shown image.

 Title and comments

  • Comments - You can enter comments to a picture by clicking on 'comments' in the menu. Then you have to enter your name and your comment. If you are logged in, you are able to delete the comments.
  • Title - After logging in you can select 'title' in the menu. Then you can enter a new title or overwrite the old title. If the file name of then pictures doesn't look like a name generated by a digital camera it is used as a title until something else is entered.


After login into the menu ('Login' on the right upper corner - not logging into a private gallery!) you are able to do the following things:

  • Enter and change titles.
  • Delete comments.
  • Enter/Edit Tags
  • Rotate images permanently - The thumbnails are rotating as well but this is first shown at the next action.
  • If you have the rights: You can upload images to a folder
  • If you have the rights: You can get to the administration (link is on the main page)

Please log off if you are only viewing the images because this is more performant.

 Top X

The Top X (default is 13) shows the images with the most views. It does only show the images of the folders that are not password protected or currently unlocked!