WP Flash Uploader is now WordPress Flash Uploader

wordpress.org has somehow disabled the access to my wp flash uploader plugin. I tried everything to tell to fix this but they just ignored every e-mail I sent them. So I had to open a new repository and renamed the wrapper for TFU to “WordPress Flash Uploader”. So you find now everything at: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wordpress-flash-uploader/ Have … [Read more…]

TWG blog will move to a different location

Hi, I want to move this blog from http://www.tinywebgallery.com/blog to http://www.tinywebgallery.com/blog tonight. The reason is that I want to display the last few posts on the main site of TWG. My base_dir restriction does not allow to directly link to WordPress so I move it. I will make a permanent redirect. So please only update … [Read more…]

The new TWG website is online

Hi, The new layout of the TWG website is online. A new header line with a section for each of the tools for easier navigation. A complete new entry page for easier navigation. The new logo is included The new versions of TWG/JFU/TFU/WPU are online – more details about them in following posts. Just go … [Read more…]