Advanced iFrame Pro 6.5 is available

This release has many, many improvements of existing features and a improved administration!

The main new improvements are:

  • Administration with tabs, editor button, improved help and detection of wrong configurations
  • Browser detection uses much less memory and support additional devices
  • 15 new features and 8 fixes are part of this release.
  • Soon the free version will also get the improved administration also!

A full list is available on the history page.

Get this version from codecanyon.

Planned for the next version:

  • Scrolling of iframes with ipad and iphone
  • Additional header sections for the “show the iframe as layer”
  • Tutorial videos ;).

Have fun using Advanced iFrame Pro,

Using a reverse proxy to enable all features of advanced iframe pro

In the quickstart guide you have found out which setup you have and which features are available for you. If you are on a different domain and you cannot add the line of Javascript than you normally cannot use features like auto height, css modifications or auto zoom.

The last option you might have is that you setup a so called reverse proxy ( If you run your own server or your hoster does allow that you use mod_proxy ( AND you have access to the server config you can map the page you want in the iframe to a url of your site. Proxypass is not supported when you can only use a .htaccess file!

There are many tutorials about this topic. In my example below I use Five b from the following page:
A more detailed tutorial can be found here: Details about proxypass and proxypassreverse can be found here

So a reverse proxy setup can be quite simple but also not working at all depending on the page you want to include. And it does require a lot of time and is really an advanced topic.

As example I show you how I setup a reverse proxy on my localhost for the main page of

1. Enable mod_proxy and mod_substitute in conf/httpd.conf
2. Add

<IfModule proxy_module>
    ProxyPass /twg/
    ProxyPassReverse /twg/
    <Location /twg/>
      AddOutputFilterByType SUBSTITUTE text/html
      Substitute "s||localhost/twg/|i" 

to the Apache config (conf/httpd.conf or e.g. extra/httpd-proxy.conf).

3. Restart the server is now available at http://localhost/twg/ ;).

And now you would be able to use all features of Advanced iFrame Pro!

Best, Michael

Advanced iframe pro 5.9 with lazy loading is available


Advanced iframe pro version 5.9 is now on codecanyon

This is the new pro stuff:

  • New: Lazy load of iframes with treshold and fadein. Iframes can be loaded after the parent is done or the iframe is shown in the viewport! (Pro)
  • New: Better input validation. Avoids configuration errors.
  • New: WordPress 3.9.1 is supported
  • New: An alternative to the eval function is now used in Javascript to improve security and speed.
  • New: Browscap version 5029 lite 8th May 2014 is now included. (Pro)
  • Fix: Code improvements found with the plugin checker plugin
  • Fix: Hidden tabs was not working because of the responsive iframe feature. Now both do work independant again. (Pro)
  • Fix: Improved shortcode generator (Pro)
  • Fix: Width is now measured without the extra space (which was 0 by default anyway ;))
  • Fix: Whitelist for params was extended by :,? and &
  • Fix: Wrong default for Set Iframe height by ratio (iframe_height_ratio) was fixed (Pro)
  • Fix: loader icon and responsive iframe do now work together! (Pro)

Compare the free and the pro versions here:

Have fun using advanced iframe,
Best, Michael

Advanced iframe pro 5.7 is available


Advanced iframe pro version 5.7 is now on codecanyon

This is the new pro stuff:

  • New: html attribute allowfullscreen is now supported.
  • New: Zoom and auto height with the external workaround with several iframes on the same page is now supported.
  • Fix: Advanced iframe pro can now be used together with php-browser-detection. Before using both where leading to a function redeclaration.
  • Fix: Functions of the old and new workaround had the same name with different parameters. Now this functions have different names and also work properly with several iframes on the same page.

Compare the free and the pro versions here:

Have fun using advanced iframe,
Best, Michael

Responsive iframes with Advanced iFrame Pro

If you want to have a responsive iframe on your site the parent page AND the iframe page have to be responsive. If this is not the case you will not get the expected result.

If you google a little bit you find many solutions for responsive iframes.
Many of the solutions are only css based like


The big problem of this solutions is that they only work fine if the content is responsive AND you know the ratio of it. So it normally only works fine for videos and images. This scenarios are supported also: Responsive videos.

You also often find that you only need to set the style max-width:100% to the iframe.
But than you have an iframe with a responsive width but the problem with the correct height is still unsolved!

The solution is that the iframe needs to tell the parent its height after each resize.
This is easy if you are on the same domain but also possible if you are on different  domains. Due to the same-origin policy  an iframe at a different domain can’t use JavaScript to directly communicate with the parent page. Possible solutions are to use postMessage() or XSS communication using iframes.

-> To enable real responsive iframes you need to have access to the parent AND the iframe page.

Advanced iframe does already resize the iframe to its content height on the same domain and also on different domains using the XSS communication using iframes (I call it external workaround in the settings).

Advanced iframe pro version 5.6 does put all this together and does recalculate the height at each browser resize. The only thing you have to do is to enable responsive iframe and the auto height feature in the settings and use the external workaround if needed.

– The parent and the page you want to include into the iframe need to be responsive!
– The iframe is on the same domain as the parent or you can modify the iframe page to use the external workaround.

See the working example in the pro demo:

If this does not apply for you the only other option which is maybe possible for you is to use auto zoom of the iframe. See

Get advanced iframe pro on codeyanyon:

Have fun using advanced iframe pro,

Advanced iframe pro 5.4 is available


Advanced iframe pro version 5.4 is now on codecanyon

This is the new pro stuff:

  • New: The default security key is now based on the AUTH_KEY of WordPress and the current time. Please change the default key to your own to increase security.
  • New: Zoom of iframe content: This feature is supported for the following browsers: IE8-11, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera. Older versions of IE are not supported. Please test all the browsers you want to support with your page because not all pages do look good in a zoomed mode! This feature is also part of the demo. So you can test your browsers there! (Pro)
  • New: iframe loading icon. You can now show a loding icon while the iframe is loaded. If you use the “hide until loaded feature” your users does see that something is happening. You can use your own image (loader.gif) with a size of 66×66 px by replacing the one in the img folder (Pro).
  • New: Accordeon menu (Pro).
  • New: Map parameter/value pairs to urls. You can specify parameter/value/url tripples which are used the following way.  If the parent has ?parameter=value than the url of the setting is used as src for the iframe (Pro).
  • New: Reading of browser detection file is cached (Pro).
  • New: Improved padding and better handling in expert mode (Pro)
  • New: Input text fields have now dynamic sizes. So if you enlage the screen they should always fit. Textfields with numbers only are now much shorter as the numbers there never get longer.
  • Fix: Expert mode description fixed (Pro)
  • Fix: Error message when saving a special setting was fixed

Compare the free and the pro versions here:

Have fun using advanced iframe,
Best, Michael

Advanced iFrame pro 5.3 available


Advanced iframe pro version 5.3 is now on codecanyon

This is the new pro stuff:

– New: Browser detection added. You can now specify browser specific iframes.
– New: Change link targets on the parent that they open inside the iframe.
– New: Change link targets inside the iframe if the iframe page is on the same domain or if you can use the external workaround.
– New: Redirect direct access of the iframe page to the parent page.
– New: url forward parameter mapping. WordPress has many reserved word in the url so they cannot be used. Now parameters can be mapped to a different one in the confiuration.
– New: Integrated jQuery help
– A couple of small fixes…

Compare the free and the pro versions here:

Have fun using advanced iframe,
Best, Michael

Advanced iframe hits 100.000 downloads today ;).


Advanced iframe hits 100.000 downloads today.

Thanks for everyone using this nice helpful plugin.
Get the pro version on codecanyon for even more features.

Compare the two versions here:

Have fun using advanced iframe,
Best, Michael

Advanced iframe 5.1 is online


Advanced iframe 5.1 is online

this is the new stuff:

  • New: vertical and/or horizontal scrollbars in the pro feature “Show only part of the iframe” solution are possible. This makes it possible to include e.g. a whole inner content with scrollbars but without showing e.g. the header of the external page. See the pro version for a working example.
  • New: Resize can now be delayed. This helps if the onload event is fired but the page is not completely build. This feature is also possible in the external workaround of the pro version.
  • New: Administration options are grayed out if not available because of another setting.
  • New: Expert mode. If you enable this the description is only shown if you click on the setting. You see more settings at once but only one description at once. Use this if you are common with the settings.
  • New: id is now set automatically if a src is set in the shortcode but no id is set. This avoids problems if people  forgets to set the id ;).
  • Fix: The external workaround does now hide the html element until all modifications are done. Before only the body was hidden which was showing the background in some browsers. If you still see a background for a very short time please look into ai_external.template.js – line 53

Get the new version on or the pro version at

The pro features are now:

Have fun using Advanced iframe,

Best, Michael