A couple of new cool features of the next advanced iframe pro version are already available as demo


While optimizing the administration I came across 2 issues.

  1. Debugging on IOS is a pain in the ass if you don’t have a mac
  2. Some people liked to share their content to other people in an optimal way

So I have implemented a kind of debug console for configuration errors and also the option that you can install advanced iframe pro on your WordPress installation and give your users only 2 lines of html to include parts of your page. One line is the Javascript that does auto height and such stuff and the 2nd line is a simple html iframe. This covers the main 2 things people like: An iframe with only a part of your website and auto height.

So take a look at the demos already:

  1. Debug Javascript on mobile devices
  2. Invert the advanced iframe logic

If you like to test this features of 7.5.2  already please send me a message.

Have fun using Advanced Iframe pro,


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