Advanced iframe pro 2023 is available

Advanced iframe 2023 was released and the following interesting things  were released:

  • hide_part_of_iframe does now support position:fixed. This enables this feature also to work together with fullscreen iframes. Adding an f (position:fixed) in front of the zIndex has to be used to enable this.
  • The CSP header detection is now checking next to SELF and NONE also for the domain itself at the frame-ancestors.
  • The url/hash cache for rewrite urls can now be deleted in the administration if needed. Please note that this cannot be reverted.
  • Improved documentation of “Prefix/id/urlrewrite for iframe URL”. Contact the support for individual solutions.
  • 2 fixes ;).

See the history for all changes here:

Advanced iFrame history

Get the new version at codecanyon.

Have fun using advanced iframe pro,