Advanced iframe pro 2022.2 is available


Advanced iframe 2022 was released and 2 small bugfixes just after it as the “use_iframe_title_for_parent” feature has issues with “all in one seo”.

So now all is really stable and the following interesting things  were released:

  • Advanced iFrame now has out of the box support for embedded 3D models using the p3d 3D viewer. Go to and download a pre-configured plugin where the model does scale already nicely on all devices.
  • iframe_height_ratio is now available in the free version!
  • You can use the title of the iframe for the parent.
  • Security fix: ai_config_id in the administration was not validated properly on the server. This was reported by wpscan and fixed asap as possible.
  • Fix: When using the loading icon together with less then 100% in % the % where added twice.

See the history for all changes here:

Advanced iFrame history

Get the new version at codecanyon.

Have fun using advanced iframe pro,