Advanced iframe pro 2023 is available

Advanced iframe 2023 was released and the following interesting things  were released: hide_part_of_iframe does now support position:fixed. This enables this feature also to work together with fullscreen iframes. Adding an f (position:fixed) in front of the zIndex has to be used to enable this. The CSP header detection is now checking next to SELF and … [Read more…]

Advanced iframe pro 2022.8 is available

Advanced iframe 2022.8 was released and the following interesting things  were released since 2022.5: Fixes errors during updates when not all settings where set. Tested with WordPress 6.1.1 Custom attributes can be added to the shortcode now The HTML attribute refererpolicy is now available. 8 smaller improvements And 8 fixes ;). See the history for … [Read more…]

Advanced iframe pro 2022.5 is available

Advanced iframe 2022.5 was released and the following interesting things  were released since 2022.2: Fullscreen button on the iframe All features that modifies the iframe content (hide, modify css, onload_show_element_only, change targets/links …) can now also be delayed with onload_resize_delay on the same domain. Tested with WordPress 6.0 And 10 fixes ;). See the history … [Read more…]

Advanced iframe pro 2022.2 is available

Hi, Advanced iframe 2022 was released and 2 small bugfixes just after it as the “use_iframe_title_for_parent” feature has issues with “all in one seo”. So now all is really stable and the following interesting things  were released: Advanced iFrame now has out of the box support for embedded 3D models using the p3d 3D viewer. … [Read more…]

Hotfix: Advanced iframe pro 2021.9 is available

A couple of quick releases where done: 2021.9: Important hotfix: The minimizer for ai.js changed the url and therefore minimized files where broken. The minimizer is now disabled until I find a new more reliable one. Please update asap. You administration and the iframes will not work anymore once you press save! Please install the … [Read more…]

TWG 2.5 is available

TWG 2.5 is available which does now fully support php 8. This version also updates the video player to the latest version of video.js and fixes 7 bugs. Check the included version.txt for more details. Get the latest version or the patch here: Have fun using TWG, Michael

Advanced iframe pro 2021.4 is available

Hi, A couple of quick releases where done for full php 8 support. So the new stuff since 2021 are: Full php 8 support Improved debugger Optimized performance in general and when you have AOSEO installed Optimized installation See the history for all changes here: Get the new version at codecanyon. Have fun using advanced … [Read more…]

New advanced iframe checklist is now available

I created a checklist how to start with advanced iframe and also what to do if it is not working. See here: The page is now also linked in the administration directly. Have fun using advanced iframe, Michael

Advanced iframe pro 2021 is available

This are the most important changes in 2021: Open iframe in layer after page is loaded. Add iframe params to parent “Change parent links target” can now also make the clicked links as bold. When you change the link target to _blank then automatically rel=”noopener” is added See the history for all changes here: Get … [Read more…]