Advanced iframe 5.1 is online


Advanced iframe 5.1 is online

this is the new stuff:

  • New: vertical and/or horizontal scrollbars in the pro feature “Show only part of the iframe” solution are possible. This makes it possible to include e.g. a whole inner content with scrollbars but without showing e.g. the header of the external page. See the pro version for a working example.
  • New: Resize can now be delayed. This helps if the onload event is fired but the page is not completely build. This feature is also possible in the external workaround of the pro version.
  • New: Administration options are grayed out if not available because of another setting.
  • New: Expert mode. If you enable this the description is only shown if you click on the setting. You see more settings at once but only one description at once. Use this if you are common with the settings.
  • New: id is now set automatically if a src is set in the shortcode but no id is set. This avoids problems if peopleĀ  forgets to set the id ;).
  • Fix: The external workaround does now hide the html element until all modifications are done. Before only the body was hidden which was showing the background in some browsers. If you still see a background for a very short time please look into ai_external.template.js – line 53

Get the new version on or the pro version at

The pro features are now:

Have fun using Advanced iframe,

Best, Michael

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