TWG Flash Uploader Demo - registered version

file uploader registered demo image

This demo is the registered version of TWG and has the following settings:

  • Freeware settings
    • No authorization is needed, file limit: 300k, Allowed file extensions are: jpg, png
    • Resize, preview, big preview, folder browsing and rename of folders are enabled.
    • Creation of folders is disabled because of safe mode restrictions on this server
    • File rename is enabled - but changing the extension is not allowed
    • Deletion of folders is disabled because I don't like to create subdirectories again and again ;).
  • Standard Edition License - The limits below are only set to avoid that my server runs out of space. You can configure them of course how you like!
    • No upload limit of 3MB - but a limit of 20 Files in the queue (300k x 20 = 6 MB max.)
    • View of text files is enabled. I disabled the editing because of security issues
    • Download of files is enabled
    • Title (set to "TFU - registered version") and some labels are changed
    • The server directory is limited to 100 files -
      Please delete some files if you want to test and too many files are already on the server
    • Javascript functions are called after selecting a file, upload and deletion. They trigger an output below the flash.
  • Professional Edition License or above
    • The colors are changed by configuration ;).
    • Copy/move of files is enabled. move of folders is not enabled but possible.
    • ? is not shown
    • Description mode is enabled. You can enter a description for each file. This is either sent to you by e-mail or save to a file. For the demo I have disabled the saving.
    • New 2.11: Big progress bar is enabled.

You can download the setup of this example here. The demo is only an example and most likely not the latest version! You should use the latest version from the download page. You have to use your license file to get the same result!

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