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iFrame Pro update - src reporting as not working

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We just updated iFrame Pro via code canyon and got an email saying "At least one of the iframes you have configured has a src which does not work properly."  I cannot find the problem. The form seems to work fine. I tried the iframe checker and got "The page does exist and no X-Frame-Options header was found.  But there can still be a iframe blocker script on this page. Please see below."
When I looked at the Killer Script section, our form showed up properly.

In short, I'm unable to figure out what's wrong with this code:

[advanced_iframe src="" width="100%" height="2000" enable_responsive_iframe="true"]

Any insights into the error?

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This looks fine - you got an e-mail? have you configured that you get reported is there is a problem? 

Maybe a different shortcode is meant. Please go to the basic tab and there you see a button at the URL setting to test all iframes. Maybe you find the one reported this way.

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