Advanced iframe pro 7.5.3 is available


Advanced iframe pro 7.5.3 is now available on CodeCanyon.

Please use version 7.5.3 if you already use 7.5.2 as a bug in the external workaround is fixed!

The main new features of 7.5.X are:

  • Provide content from your side to other sides
  • Internal JS debug console
  • The iframe checker is now included and can also check all your iframes manuell and as cronjob.
  • vh and vw are now offically supported.
  • Many small new features and bugfixes

For a full list see

There is one know issue with “auto zoom by ratio”. If you have problems please contact me as I have a local fix already which will be released with version 7.5.4.

Have fun using advanced iframe pro,



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