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Issue with iframe_id  

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I am running free AI 2020.6

in my Worpress page (at advanced_iframe), I added id="abcd"

in my iframe, I added (before calling the AI script)  var iframe_id="abcd";

and all is fine

as I saw that the default id is "advanced_iframe", I removed (on my wordpress page) the id="abcd"

and I also removed the var iframe_id="abcd"; from my iframe

Thinking that I should use the default id

but here, it doesn't work anymore ! why ???

taking a look at the AI script, I noticed that there is no "var" command in the "else" part. Is that the reason ? a bug ? or did I miss something ?

if (typeof iframe_id === 'undefined') {
var iframe_id_advanced_iframe = 'advanced_iframe';
} else {
/* jshint ignore:start */
iframe_id_advanced_iframe = iframe_id;
/* jshint ignore:end */


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It is simply missing. But this is no real problem. Have you tried to refresh all browser caches. So that ai_external.js is really reloaded? 

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