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iFrame provides http clickout links instead of https clickout links

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I installed the plugin and everything is running smoothly, aside from one small issue. All the links from the iFrame are http instead https! I looked for a solution and came across the "external workaround" section, where it states:

If you mix http and https pages you NEED to enable "Use postMessage for communication" and follow example 53 for this advanced setup (pro version needed)

However, the instructions were a little vague and I wasn't able to find a clear solution. Is there a different workaround that doesn't require paying for the pro version? I think there should be an easy and free fix for this issue considering that https is the standard for everything these days. Thanks!

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what do you mean: the links inside are all http? http is hardcoded there? 

and if you click on the link it is not working because it is http inside a https page?

This is blocked by your browser. Are your links would work if they are https? Do you need to open them outside the iframe again? Because http pages cannot be shown in https parents.

The part you are referring to "If you mix http and https p..." is for solutions where you do things like auto height across domains where the protocol does not match. This is far away from easy.

So the solution is maybe not clear for you as it does not fit to your problem!

So what is your requirement? Changing the link target dynamically so that http links open again? 
Rewriting existing links to https? 

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