Advanced iframe free demo

The demo has the same features like the "Demo TWG wrapper" (remove of elements, css modification, parameter passing) but here additional the features available in the advanced iframe free are also shown. Most features do only work if you are on the SAME domain (SD)!

  • Resize the iframe to the content height (with reload optimisation)
  • Scroll the parent to the top when the iframe is loaded
  • Add a css  file to the parent page (for the lytebox - the TWG wrapper has this hardcoded and this is now dynamic for the advanced iframe)
  • Hide elements in the iframe: The text below the title is removed (See the original page here). - SD
  • Change css in the iframe: The background color was changed (See the original page here). - SD
  • For the features of the pro version please see "advance iframe pro demo"
  • url parameters twg_album and twg_image are forwarded to the iframe. This link opens the iframe in an album already. ?twg_album=01_Administration~01_admin is added there.
  • Anchor support: This feature is part of the free version and can be seen in the pro version here. It is disable here because it interferes with the adding of url parameters!

The shortcode is only
[advanced_iframe securitykey="your security code"]
because all settings are stored in the administration.

If you would define all settings as shortcode attributes the shortcode would look like this:
[advanced_iframe securitykey="your security code" use_shortcode_attributes_only="true" src="" width="100%" height="100" scrolling="no" id="advanced_iframe" name="advanced_iframe" onload_scroll_top="true" hide_page_until_loaded="true" hide_elements=".info,#sidebar,h2" content_id="#main" content_styles="margin-top:0px;width:900px" iframe_hide_elements=".twg_folderdescription" iframe_content_id="#twg_content_div" iframe_content_styles="background-color: #fff;" onload_resize="true" resize_on_click="100" additional_css="" url_forward_parameter="twg_album,twg_image"]