FAQ / Help

Welcome to the FAQ of the WordPress Flash Uploader.

I will add the most interesting questions and answers from users  to this page.

  1. The flash does not work
    The flash which is used it the TWG Flash Uploader. Most of the problems can be solved by reading the FAQ of TFU where 99% if the possible problems are already covered. So please go to http://www.tinywebgallery.com/en/tfu/web_faq.php first and read howto 1. If you still don’t get it to work please use the forum for more help.
  2. How to change the colors of the Flash.
    Please read howto 9 of the TFU howtos.
  3. Wrong directories are shown in the flash.
    If you click between the ‘Media’ and ‘WordPress’ button and nothing changes make sure to update to 2.16 because I there I have connected the session started in WordPress with the session workaround of TFU. Please read howto 1 -> b5.
  4. Why have you started this project?
    I wanted to use WordPress on this host but none of the internal uploaders worked for me. Because I have already implemented the TWG Flash Uploader and the Joomla Flash Uploader I have a lot of experience with uploading files on almost any system.  So I started with WFU. And you don’t only get  a simple uploader but you can now also synchronize your uploads and manage your whole WordPress install.

Have fun using WFU,