WordPress Flash Uploader

This is the new website for the WordPress Flash Uploader (WFU).

The WordPress Flash Uploader is a replacement of the integrated Flash Uploader with a couple of really nice enhancements.

So why using WFU:

  • The main reason: The internal flash uploader does not work on your server!
    WFU works on many more systems because it uses the TWG Flash Uploader which has many internal workarounds for most known problems. I actually started this wrapper because the internal uploader did not work on any of my systems.
  • WFU checks your system and help you to get it running.
  • You can manage your whole word press installation with it. You can create, rename, delete and manage your files and folders. You can even view and edit files directly on the server!
  • WFU can synchronize the upload folder with the media library  with the menu item ‘Sync Media Library’.  So you can even upload images with FTP and import them to your media library. This can be even used without using WFU.
  • WFU can resize your original images after the upload.
  • You can enable E-Mail notification.
  • And everything you can do with the TWG Flash Uploader

the download can be found here:  www.tinywebgallery.com/blog/wfu/download-wfu

Stay tuned.