Advanced iframe 2020.5 is available

Advanced iframe 2020.4 has a bug that if the Gutenberg editor is used the additional editor text is also shown if you have the Gutenberg editor as default. I did not see this during testing as thing thing will never be my default ;). Now the additional text is only shown in edit mode. Please … [Read more…]

TWG 2.4.8 is available

TWG 2.4.8 is available which only fixes one bug in the image counters! In 2.4.7 this was broken and leads to the problem that each counter was not updated but added to the file! So each call was increasing the counter file! Please update and go to the xml folder and delete all *_image_counter.xml files. … [Read more…]

Advanced iframe pro 2020.4 is available

The main new features of 2020.4 pro are: Support of media queries for the height – See this demo Support of media queries for the “Show only a part of the iframe” – See this demo Many improvements in the administration. Media queries where possible before only by custom coding. This feature is very powerful … [Read more…]

How to show only a part of the iframe

Hi, a question which is asked again and again is how to hide a header and a footer. I have added a FAQ in the forum for this: Have fun using advanced iframe, Best, Michael

Advanced iframe pro 2020.3 is available

The two main new features of 2020.3 are: You can include an iframe of ALL pages The e-mail check does contain all broken urls now and the messages are also improved. For a full list of changes please see: Advanced iFrame history Get the new version at codecanyon. Have fun using advanced iframe pro, Michael

TWG 2.4.7 is available

TWG 2.4.7 is available which make TWG fully php 7.4 compatible The following changes are available: New: Support for php 7.4 New: Keyboard next is now also on space New: Counter has now a . for large numbers. Like 10.000 instead of 10000 New: The parameter twg_offset does now support 5 chars instead of 4 … [Read more…]

Advanced iframe pro 2020.1 is available

The new version has a really new cool feature: You can now calculate the height of the iframe dynamically based on the elements before and after. So you can make a full screen iframe with a custom header or footer which have no fixed height but change dynamically based on the browser size. Checkout the … [Read more…]

Advanced iframe pro 2020 is available

This are the main new features of version 2020: New administration design  The iframe checker was rewritten to work in parallel. So you can even test 1000 urls at once! The iframe checker does check also normal iframes! Not only advanced iframes! So you can now use advanced iframe pro to monitor ALL your iframes. … [Read more…]