Example 3rd party cookie with no fix

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This is the page without any cookie fix applied. It simply includes an iframe that does set a cookie and tries to read it again.
The page included here is on a different domain! So depending on your browser settings the 3rd party cookie is accepted or not. Please click on the fixed examples below if cookies are not accepted.

PS: If you want to test this whole feature here and you don’t have a MAC I recommend to test with Firefox because there you can set all 3 possible values for the 3rd party cookies!

If the workaround is applied once you need to delete the cookies “aifixed” and “aichecked” from www.tinywebgallery.com and the cookies “safari_cookie_fix” and “the_cookie”  from www.mdempfle.de to try it again. Otherwise also the example without a fix is now working.

[advanced_iframe width="50%" height="200" src="//www.mdempfle.de/fix/framed.html"]

Example with safari_fix.html

Example with safari_fix.html – Safari only

Example with external workaround (ai_external.js)