Advanced iFrame FAQ


Please read the instructions in the administration careful. The administration is located at your WordPress administration -> Settings -> Advanced iFrame (Pro). The documentation there should explain all of your questions!

If a shortcode does not work

If a shortcode does not work please view the shortcode in the editor in text mode. If you copy a shortcode directly from the settings maybe additional html is copied as well. And this causes the shortcode to fail.

How to use the iframe several times on the same installation

By default the settings from the settings are used. So you only have to use

[advanced_ iframe securitykey="Your security key"]

If you want to use the advanced iframe several time you can overwrite all settings from the settings directly in the shortcode. So for a different url you have to use:

[advanced_ iframe securitykey="Your security key" src=""]

For a different url and width use:

[advanced_ iframe securitykey="Your security key" src="" width="500"]

If you use several iframes on the same page

If you use multiple iframes on the same page make sure that you give each shortcode a different id!
Cookies and additional_height are not supported yet when you use more than one iframe on one page because they are used as global variables in the external js file. They work fine if you use them on different pages.

[advanced_ iframe securitykey="Your security key" id="iframe1" src=""]
[advanced_ iframe securitykey="Your security key" id="iframe2" src=""]

Please note that "advanced_ iframe" is written with a space here because otherwise it would be replaced. you have to use advanced_iframe!

Which documentation is available?

The main documentation can directly be found in the administration.

Also the documentation available for the pro version can be downloaded here:

How does the pro feature “Show only a part of an iframe” that works on a remote sites can be configured

Please see the screenshot. The documentation in the administration should explain what is possible and what not: