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This GERMAN album shows how to display additional text next to the images.
The example is multilangual and frontend login is enabled - use test/test to login and edit captions, enter tags and delete comments in this folder. _a href=""_Download example_/a_


This is the left image description loaded by image.php and stored in CIMG2797_014.jpg.txt
The style class for the text on both sides is 'twg_text'
This is the brooklin
bridge in New York ;).
This is the right image description loaded by image2.php and stored in CIMG2797_014.jpg2.txt
The naviation has to be HTML if you want to display an individual text like this for each image because the loading of the text from image.php and image2.php is not done by AJAX.
If you want to display the text below the image simply use captions (login and you get a menu point to enter captions at the frontend!)
Tip: If you login (right upper corner) you can enter captions, delete comments and rotate images permanently.
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