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TFU flash upload faq image 12. If you get a "Session Error" message or if directories are not changed when switching profiles

After uploading you get the error message "Session Error" in the title bar of TFU or a message. The reason is a session loss in tfu_uplad.php because the server thinks the flash is a new browser and does not allow to open the existing session.

From 1.7 on TFU can detect this and tries to make an internal session handling. This is done by creating a directoy "session_cache" in the tfu folder. This is done automatically. But if TFU does not has the rights to do this you have to create this folder manually and set the permissions of it to 777. TFU does then store the session data in this folder and does the cleanup as well (old files are removed after 1 day!). For JFU you have to create the directory administrator/components/com_joomla_flash_uploader/tfu/session_cache. Since JFU 2.11: administrator/components/com_jfuploader/tfu/session_cache.

The "Session Error" message tells you if the workaround was successful. If the folder could be created you only have to refresh the browser and are able to upload. If not you have to create the directroy like described before.

You can check if you have this problemby looking to the tfu.log file. There you find a message (if TFU/JFU is allowed to write a log file ;)). If you don't have a log file and the flash is not working you can either make the tfu directory writeable or take a look in the system error log of your server. This is used if the tfu.log could not be created!

If you want that the session_cache directory is not removed automatically (TFU tries to remove the directory it it thinks it is not working - but TFU can be wrong ;)).

Please set:

$keep_internal_session_handling = true;

and create the session_cache folder manually.

If you activate this (or TFU does this automatically) at Joomla or Wordpress please use at least JFU 2.16 or WFU 2.16 because there I store the current session data to the temporary TFU session data!



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