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PostPosted: 19. Jan 2011, 12:12 

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Hi, I've spent a good while making a nice gallery for all my pics (take a look, !)

However, as a totally new, fairly competent, and not too demanding user, I feel it could be much more useful with 3 tweaks:

1) I've added a couple of youtube embedded vids, made a screenshot of the video, it all works. When I browse my site though it's impossible to tell that they are videos and not just photos! I've gone in and watermarked those files with a nice big 'play' symbol over the top. I'd like to see a toggle to automatically add watermarks to thumbnail pics for videos, making it obvious it's not just a picture.

2) My homepage is mostly just for my photos, so TWG is installed in the root. I'd still like to have other content on there, but the pictures will be the main thing. I'd love an easy way (from the admin options) to add a custom link to that bar at the top... next to the language selection, top tags, top 13 etc. If I can just have a few links there to my other sites, or random individual pages, that would be great and make TWG much better as a home page. If it opened it up in a frame, to maintain the top bar, even better!

3) Other files. I've had a poke about in the howto's and the config.php, but the $other_file_types section doesn't seem very useful to me. I'd personally love to have a few random zip , doc, pdf files etc. on the site. If I put a folder up there, with a few non media files in it, I'd like TWG to realise the folder contains unknown files, and offer up a download link and the file name, in place of the thumbnail. It would be even better to have a separate location, e.g. next to the 'pictures' folder in the site structure, a 'files' folder, which provides a basic download repository, with comments, tags and ratings (just like the pictures) for a few bits and bobs. I'l just be using it for junk, but it would be the ideal place for other more serious users to store, for example, their resume in doc format, or brochures in pdf.

That's it really, other than these three quibbles, it's ideal! I love it when something 'just works' like TWG does :)

One question for anyone reading, how exactly does the zip file download of the images in a gallery work? I've got a zip file with the same name as a folder, just as in the howto, in all of my galleries, but when looking at the gallery page I don't see any way to download it?

PostPosted: 19. Jan 2011, 15:13 
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1.) currently this is done for local videos. I'll encance this for youtube as well.

2.) see menu.htm (summary howto)

3.) why does the other filestyles not work? you ony need a thumbnail for your files.

extra) It does work - If you click on an image and you have configured TWG to doenload the file you will get a extra window if you have a zip in the folder with the right naming.

Best, Michael

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