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Author:  itsa [ 12. Aug 2010, 04:58 ]
Post subject:  Navigation

Hi! Not sure if we talked about that in the past but anyway, here it is.

I had someone telling me lately that they don't bother going on my gallery anymore because it is a pain to navigate. They were asking me if it was possible to have the navigation just like in Facebook where you simply click on the picture to go to the next. Basically, the left half of the picture is a link to the previous picture and the right of it is a link to the next one.

Is it already implemented in TWG? If not, it is possible to get the option for a next release?


Author:  TinyWebGallery [ 12. Aug 2010, 08:44 ]
Post subject: 


You have exactly this kind of navigation in the lightbox mode.

But TWG has an even better and simpler navigation!

Use the arrow key to navigate forward and backward. This is the easies way possible in my opinion!

Just tell this your user ;). This is one of the hints you can also show in TWG. You might want to turn hints on all the time with only this hint active.

- Michael

Author:  itsa [ 12. Aug 2010, 15:19 ]
Post subject: 

The left and right arrow should do! (I hope!)
I enabled the tips in my gallery, we'll see now if the users read them or not.


Author:  TinyWebGallery [ 12. Aug 2010, 15:44 ]
Post subject: 

If you will make it more obvious you can put a hint in a file called image.htm.

- Michael

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