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Author:  itsa [ 30. Mar 2009, 20:30 ]
Post subject:  Highslide

Would be nice to implement Highslide into TWG!

Lots of applications already have implemented it.

Author:  TinyWebGallery [ 31. Mar 2009, 08:33 ]
Post subject: 

TWG already supports lightbox and lytebox.

Highslide has the issue that you have to pay $29 if you use it on a commercial site (e.g. even if you have google ads).
Btw. this scripts is more and more getting a gallery of it's own. Integrating a gallery into a gallery ???

- Michael

Author:  TinyWebGallery [ 31. Mar 2009, 10:05 ]
Post subject: 

But in TWG 1.7.7 I will have enhanced support for the Lytebox script. Then it is possible even on the detail page to view all images like in a slideshow.
Before the lytebox had to be closed and you had to go to the next image.

- Michael

Author:  itsa [ 31. Mar 2009, 18:01 ]
Post subject: 

I was thinking even just a basic version of highslide. I just like how the images pops in/out.

I might use Lytebox when v1.7.7 comes out. :)


Author:  TinyWebGallery [ 31. Mar 2009, 18:19 ]
Post subject: 

Jut wait a few more days then I'll put the 1.7.7 into the forum. I have to finish one small enhancement and then it is ready to go.

- Michael

Author:  itsa [ 1. Apr 2009, 17:45 ]
Post subject: 

I think I'm confused about the differences between Lightbox and Lytebox.
I activated the Lightbox on my gallery using:


Works perfectly fine!

Is there an advantage in using Lytebox over Lightbox?

Author:  TinyWebGallery [ 1. Apr 2009, 20:09 ]
Post subject: 

There is a howto about the different lightboxes. Default is Lytebox because this works in an iframe as well over the whole screen.
+ in 1.7.7 you have a prev/next function even on the detail page.

- Michael

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