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Problem with language and create folder
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Author:  lommel [ 26. Jun 2007, 22:11 ]
Post subject:  Problem with language and create folder


i have to say sorry for my english, my school-lessons are long time ago.

I'll hope you can help me. The Flash Uploader is great, but i have 2 problems:

a) I want to change the language into german, but at the moment thats just possible with the drop-down-menu.

b) It is not possible the choose the option "create folder". I have read, that the problem is a problem because of the safe-mode. But i have test the script with another webspace (safe mode on) and it doenst work, too. Did i have to change something in the tfu_help or in the config to let it work?

Thanks a lot!!!

Author:  TinyWebGallery [ 26. Jun 2007, 22:45 ]
Post subject: 

1. like described you have to simply add &lang=de to the swf.

2. create folder does only work if you can create folders where you can upload images to.
on webspaces with safe-mode on this is not the case.


Author:  lommel [ 27. Jun 2007, 08:26 ]
Post subject: 

Thank you, Michael.

I've read the answer for a) and I have read it in the faq before. Maybe I did'nt understand it because of my english. Which file did i have to change? twg_flash_uploader.swf? How can i change a .swf-File?

b) It's possible for me to creater folders via ftp in the upload-folder. But it doesnt work with Tiny. Which is the problem? I will post a link but it isnt possbile because of the spam-security.

Thank you! I'm sorry that i doesnt understand everythnig easily!

Author:  TinyWebGallery [ 27. Jun 2007, 08:46 ]
Post subject: 

in the including page where you find


you change this to


and save-mode is preventing you to do certain things - and your php and ftp user are different! and save-mode does not allow to do e.g. create folders e.e. with the php user when the php file itself belongs to the ftp user.
I have a big howto in the tinywebgallery faq about save-mode!

in short: if you have savemode you have to create folders with ftp because of security restrictions - only solution - turn off savemode!


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