TWG 2.0.5 is available – Swipe support for all Tablets!

Hi everyone,

a new version for TWG is available.

Swipe support for all smart-phones AND tablets is available ;).

New: Swipe support is now available for all smart-phones AND tablets! A real mobile detection is now included and a jquery plugin for swipes is used!
Fix: Lighbox images where broken inside an iframe on some browsers. Now all tested browsers work fine.
Fix: Vertical images on top x are now centered.

New: Enable/disable the whole mobile detection: $enable_mobile_detection
Fix: Speedtest fixed. Was broken because of the 404 crawling “+ loc +” fix.

So please update to 2.0.5 to get the full support for mobile devices + no crawling error on google.

Have fun using TWG,

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