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New installation 404 issue

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Sorry if this is stoopid. I installed TWG about a week ago on a website I'm building, logged in, configured it a bit, etc. I went back today and every link I try gives me a 404. I loaded it from Softaculous so I went back, uninstalled and reinstalled it, but both the main myurl/twg/index.php and myurl/twg/admin/index.php still return 404 errors. I can SEE those files in my backend! I haven't changed the .htaccess file since the original installation. Can you give me any clues - I'm tearing my curls out here!

Posted : 16/04/2022 4:55 pm
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you might ask your webhoster support. if the files are there and not found maybe a redirect is happening somewhere to a wrong place. Also you can check the network tab on your browser. There you might find out whats wrong.

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Posted : 16/04/2022 9:51 pm