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Retaining Header and Footer while Removing IFrame Header and Footer

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I feel like I'm getting closer, but still not there yet.  Here's the page:  Data IFrame – Impact Indoor Air Quality (  Here's the code


I want to trim off the footer of the page within the frame and make it full width, what am I doing wrong?


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I don't know as your page is password protected :). 

I know what you want and already showed you the options. It is not perfectly doable as you don't have access to the other page where you are then able to do what you really want. 

Also remember that also mobile devices will come. So a perfect solution is then even more impossible. You have to find the way which fits best for you. 

I still think is the best you can do. So you have a fixed size of the page in the iframe with a fixed header/footer cut of. 

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