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Dont show header nor footer by %

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I am trying to load a site but i do not want to show the header nor footer. The site is not on the same domain and i have no access to it.

Can Ai be configured to show only a height position by a percentage from the top of a page to a percentage from the bottom of the same page? This way if a user interacts the iframe will adjust to the size of the target page by those percentages?

For example: lets use

Lets say the header of this page accounts for 10% and the footer of this page accounts for 5%. Can iFrame be configured to show the 85% of the page between these two values?




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Show only a part of the iframe can also be configured with %. This is only not supported by the area selector as there the selection is fixed numbers. The problem is only from which you want to take the % from? Because every user has e.g. a different browser height.  So fixed numbers is normally the better choice.

is an example how to hide a header and a footer.

Best regards, Michael