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Linking pages with a url $_GET() variable

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thanks for the great plugin. But I have a question (of course)... I have a website with an advanced iFrame in it. It all works splendid. But my small grievance is: I can  not give people a link to (for instance) a contact page or something like that. I do not want the iFrame pages "naked" without the parent, so I use a little javascript to check if the page is "top", and if so, it just redirects and loads the homepage with the "home" iFrame page. So: finds that its the "top", so it redirects to load instead. Is there a way I can actually use some url to load the iFrame with a different page?  The iFrame has a src set at the start ("home") but how can I override it with a parameter? 

I tried shortcode like:

[iframe src="[shortcode  here]" etc]

but that didn't work, I also tried some php (like making the whole thing as a shortcode, and in the php page do: 

$page = $_GET("page");
echo '[iframe src=" ' . $page . ' " etc]';

and call it with but that also didn't work. Can you give me a tip or point me in the right direction so that I can use a URL to load the iframe with an alternate page? 

Thanks in advance, and have a great day!


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To use shortcodes in the url you need the pro version. 

Also if you like to hand over the page of the iframe as parameter.


Even get parameters can be used directly.

Please enable the pro administration in the free version and then go to the basic tab -> Url.

There you see tons of placeholders you can use. 

On the advanced tab you also find a section with urls. There a lot of back and for mapping can be done. Like the feature that you hand over the url by a parameter you can define.

Does this help already? You can even test this features in the preview with the free version! 

Best regards,