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Displaying countdown clock (iFrame) from various pages on homepage of website

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I work for an event company and we have iframe countdown clocks embedded into our distinct event pages on our website that provide a visual countdown to the date of each event. We'd like to display the countdown clock for the nearest upcoming event on our homepage, but I'm unsure how to write a code to pull the countdown clock from a specific event page based on the date of the event.

The countdown clocks are linked to an external website that generates the countdown, so I know there's no distinction of dates in the HTML codes of the iframes. 

Is it wishful thinking to believe this request is possible? Ideally we'd be able to write a code for the code block that commands the website to display the relevant countdown clock based off of the date of the event, with this section auto-generating the next closest countdown clock once the other date has passed.

If anyone understands my request and knows how to write this command, please drop a comment in this post as I'm sure it will be very useful! I'm not an experienced coder so any information anyone has about this topic will be greatly appreciated!


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The counter is already in an iframe? It seems to me that  the page you want to on your main page is dynamic. So you would like to scan all your pages and pick the one where the counter - which is external - is the nearest. So you have basically 0 information as I think you don't have access to the counter page.

Best regards, Michael