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Advanced iFrame doesn't resize the height inside wordpress

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Hi, I have installed the plugin on wordpress and I call a page located in the same domain ( removed link )


SO i setup the Resize iframe to content height to yes in order to have the autoresize when the iframed table is longer.

The problem is that the iframe resizes, but the content under the iframe doesn't go down... so the iframe resizes only inside the space available setup by the padding on the block element under it...


SO i have 


then in have the iframe with shortcode

<div style="padding-top:50px;">content2</div> 


So the iframe resizes only inside the 50 pixel setup by the content2 div...

Any help?




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do you mean that the initial resize is fine and then inside the iframe the content changes and there is no resize? 

Or that the div below does then overlap? 

Best way to find out is to use the developer tools and check the styles of the elements around. There you can also modify them dynamically do find the style which causes the problem. 

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