If a shortcode does not work

If a shortcode does not work please view the shortcode in the editor in text mode. If you copy a shortcode directly from the settings maybe additional html is copied as well. And this causes the shortcode to fail. Also make sure that you do not use ” but only ".

  1. Enable the shortcode check: Since version 7.0.4 you can enable "Check shortcode" on the "Introduction" tab. If you enable this the plugin does check if the shortcode attributes are known. You will find typos, wrong quotes and missing spaces. It does not check the values but if all shortcode attributes you use do exist and are supported.
  2. Check your browser console (F12). The plugin does report if it does detect configuration problems and also the browser writes problems there. If everything is fine no errors from advanced iframe should be reported! Enable the internal debug console (Options -> Debug Javascript) if you have only problems on mobile devices. You can also append ?aiEnableDebugConsole=true/false to the url to enable/disable the debug console.
  3. Start simple. My demos have often several features enabled. Only start with one feature and only use other ones if the main feature does work.
  4. Make sure you know your setup! Check the quick start guide to find out which features you can use!
  5. If you have problems with the external workaround: There is a checklist at point 5. Done.

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