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Author:  isaia [ 24. Dec 2012, 00:31 ]
Post subject:  TFU BUG ?

I have been using TFU for a while now but i found that ig has a problem displaying the THUMB and also when the Thumb clicked the photo is not displayed in big size, instead both img placeholders are empty.

is there something wrong that i am doing?

Note: i have been using the setings as follow for testing purposes but without any luck

$login = 'true';
$folder = 'upload';

// Enhanced features - this are only defaults! if TFU detects that this is not possible this functions are disabled!
$hide_remote_view = 'false'; // If you want to disable the remote view set 'true' as value! '' or 'false' shows the remote view!
$show_preview = 'true'; // Show the small preview. Valid is 'true' and 'false' (Strings!) - the function is_gd_version_min_20 checks if the minimum requirements for resizing images are there!
$show_big_preview = 'true'; // Show the big preview - clicking on the preview image shows a bigger preview
$show_delete = 'true'; // Shows the delete button - if download is set to button this moves to the menu!
$enable_folder_browsing = 'true'; // Without browsing creation and deletion is disabled by default!
$enable_folder_creation = 'true'; // Show the menu item to create folders
$enable_folder_deletion = 'true'; // Show the menu item to delete folders - this works recursive!
$enable_folder_rename = 'true'; // Show the menu item to rename folders
$enable_file_rename = 'true'; // Show the menu item to rename files - default is false because this is a securiy issue - check the point below - should only be activated in very save environments or if you keep the file extension in the registered version.!
$keep_file_extension = 'true'; // You can disalow to change the file extension! - since 1.7.1 this is available for everyone because this can be a security issue when someone renames files to .php - Every user of TFU should be safe!

File comment: big image supposed to be displayed, but nothing there.
TFUCapture2.JPG [ 34.73 KiB | Viewed 2330 times ]
TFUCapture1.JPG [ 40.63 KiB | Viewed 2330 times ]

Author:  TinyWebGallery [ 30. Dec 2012, 00:02 ]
Post subject:  Re: TFU BUG ?


Thumbnail does definitely work see:

But the thumbnails are generated dynamically on the server.
So I think this does not work on your system.

do you maybe have image magik enabled but not available.
Or are messages in the log file?

Best, Michael

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